Real Madrid-Alavs: Ancelotti: “El baln est enamorado de Arda Gler

Shn partido lo resta al real madrid In order to find the Spanish League in your home, Betis. The whole thing is here to share the house at a comfortable time in the house. Carlo Ancelotti Acaba de passar por la Sala de Prensa del Bernabu to analyze the duel with Alavs, a part that extends the achievement of victories in its own division so far.

UN equipment: “Creo que lo puede hacer. Hay mucho talento y mucha juventud.”

Courtois: “Hastado muy bien. Como miltião. We are in a very good position. La Dinamicca is very good in all the equipment.”

Cross: “Nadie est inquieto: ni el club, ni Toni ni yo. Your future now is second. Only import champions. Nada ms.”

Glare: “The Tenemos Mucho Cario. He is the wife. Tiene un don. The baln est enamorado of the garden. It is claro.”

Bellingham: “Le pedimos jugar un poco ms atrs. Ah est ms cmodo, le gusta ms. I don't like playing like this. You have defensive quality like Vinicius y Rodrygo.”

Carvajal: “There is nothing, slo un pisotn”

Cross ballen de oro: “Me gustara que lo ganara. No lo va va a ganar… o s. Si gan Eurocopa, y Alemania con Kroos puede hacerlo, Liga y Champions puede pelearlo.”

Two colors: “Est todo muy claro entre nosotros. Un Partido lo va a jugar Lunin and eltro Courtois. It's a very big data carried to the sky. A big part of the team's team is this.”

Best Spanish League: “Since the main thing is that he is very active. He is one of us, who is part of our company.”

rebuild: “You download, like guys. The final is ah. This week is the one you downloaded. Luego subiremos la carga fsica algo and the next it will be ms tctica.”


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