RB adopt novel emission-busting approach to Imola

Team RB is scheduled to use front wings for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix that have been recycled.

Red Bull's sister team will produce the part using molds made from recycled carbon, with the carbon used coming from old, broken parts that would normally be discarded. However, they will now get a second life during the production process.

According to RB, about 50 percent of a Formula 1 team's emissions are produced during the mold manufacturing process.

To significantly reduce this problem, the team has now come up with this new solution, in collaboration with Herambiente, a company that seeks to: “turn waste into a resource for people, the environment and companies.”

Carbon fiber regeneration

Founded in 2002 and operating out of Bologna, Herambiente, part of the Hera Group, is the market leader in waste treatment in Italy.

RB also emphasized: “The carbon fiber recycling project developed by Herambiente fits perfectly into the objectives of the VCARB Group and Red Bull GmbH, which aim to reduce CO2 emissions in the Formula One World Championship.”

Andrea Ramonda, CEO of Herrampiente, welcomed the partnership, saying that the renewal of carbon fiber will help achieve common goals across sectors.

“This cooperation has strategic value in terms of promoting short and circular chains in Italy and the rest of Europe,” he said.

“Carbon fiber refurbishment is a pioneering project that requires good teamwork, with each partner contributing their resources and skills, with a common goal of generating environmental, economic and social benefits.”


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