Quiénes serán los comentaristas de RTVE en España para la Eurocopa 2024

Officially, we are now in European Cup week. The aspirations of a lot of footballers end to the end, continue in Munich, and at the moment begin to direct the ball due to the opening party dispute between Germany and Ecclesia. Meanwhile, a month of the top 24 European picks compete on continental terrain. Sorry that sports fans can't do without their pants.

And suggest this, you know Radio Television Espanola presents, open, 51 entries from the competition. Scroll through La 1, La 2 and Teledeporte. Furthermore, Spanish public television became available to the public A collection of narrators and comments Elegidos to the torneo. Decide whether you would consider working in Germany in the largest number of European selection countries.

Overall, okay they are distintos narradores. The first of them is Juan Carlos Riverowhich revolves around recounting Spain's involvement in a major hurricane. Unfortunately, David Figuera, who was replaced by Rivero during a period of time in the selection segments. También has talked about a female voice in the narratives, no de Alicia ArevaloWho is talking about the Qatar World Cup? Paco Grande, Albert Font and Paco Caro Redondean El Equipo de Narradores.

Out of respect for the commentators, they will be, in addition to the large female presence. Vero Boquete, Vicky Losada, and Miriam Dieguez, three footballers have a TV appearance. The remaining five comments form part of the usual coverage RTVE: “Xabi” Ferrer, Mario Suarez, Carlos Marchena, Alberto Garcia and Carlos Marañon.

adimas, RTVE We offer all hurricane days, from Berlin, ON A diary program relating to the last hour of the Torneo. Marcos Lopez, Paco Caro and special guests from Germany will be able to spend the last hour among 24 selections.

Through the Diario AS channel on WhatsApp, you can find all the sports in one space: the event of the day, the agenda with the last hour of the most important sporting events, the most devastating images, the opinion of the best companies in AS, reports, videos and other humor at once.


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