Premier League: Los clubes de la Premier League votarn una posible abolicin del VAR

TErremoto in the foot ball. Whistleblower Sky Sports and The Athletic have recorded that Premier League clubs may vote on the possibility of scrapping VAR at the start of the first round, in favor of Wolves. The referendum will be celebrated in its annual general assembly, in the first month of it.

Document sent to the English Premier League

“Wolves have made an official decision in the Premier League to hold a vote in La Liga in June, on the abolition of VAR starting from the 2024/25 season.

The introduction of VAR in 2019/20 was a very good decision and continues to account for the best interests of football and the Premier League. However, there have been many negative consequences in recent years that you will come into contact with football and soccer fans and discover the value of the Premier League brand, including the following:

* Impact on the celebration of rounds and training that occurs particularly in football.

* Frustrating and confusing in stadiums due to long VAR controls and poor communication.

*Hostile atmosphere with protests, starting from the English Premier League, and coaches against VAR.

* With the exception of the original introduction of VAR, to correct obvious and obvious errors, analyze the now objective decisions and smooth out the fluidity and integrity of the game.

* Abdication of responsibility for players on the field, thanks to the protection of VAR technology, which leads to the erosion of powers on the field.

* Errors continue to increase in VAR, with enthusiasts unable to accept human error after several viewings and iterations, due to trust in arbitrage criteria.

* Interrupting the Premier League with long VAR reviews and too much time, which has unduly angered teams.

* Constant talk about VAR decisions obscures participation and affects the league’s reputation.

* Erosion of trust and reputation through the use of VAR in completely ridiculous corruption accusations.

The decision to bring forward arises from a considered concern and is in keeping with the utmost respect for the Premier League, PGMOL and our rival competitors.

There is no fault at all: all people are looking for the best possible football results and all interested parties have worked hard to try to deliver additional technology through one thing.

However, after five spells of VAR in the Premier League, there will be constructive and critical debate about his future.

“Our position is that the price we seek for a small increase in accuracy goes against the spirit of our game and, as a result, we should ditch the 2024/25 season.”

VAR, review in England

The introduction of VAR in England, which was introduced in 2019, has sparked a lot of controversy among British enthusiasts and clubs. The decision that should lead to an improvement in the type of decisions that should be considered is the money that was present in the game of football in the world of football.

However, despite everything in this long time, the use of VAR has been strongly rejected. At the start of the season, the goal was given due to a foul by Luis Daz against Tottenham at the end of the game which led to bookings.

Bugs wasn't able to succeed all the time. The match happened as recently as April 21 when Nottingham Forest issued a statement that VAR are Luton fans and favor Everton for their decisions. “Tomaron tres psimas decisions”, rezaba la carta.

This has been the case with Wolves who have strengthened their voice with the clear determination to scrap the use of VAR in England. “The price we pay for a little accuracy has been met by our experience in the game. It should be deleted from the 2024-25 season,” says Lobos.

The Premier League recognizes Wolves' right to do so. However, taking into account that the cancellation of VAR raises a lot of errors in students' decisions. In fact, after recording Premier League statistics, VAR technology has increased the amount of use of refereeing decisions by 82% to 96%.

“Clubs have the right to provide support through a group of players and recognize concerns and problems with the use of VAR technology. However, the league fully supports the use of VAR technology and will, together with PGMOL, achieve continuous improvements el systema para el beneficio del juego y de los aficionados,” announced one of the enforcers.

From the beginning, this was before the proposal was voted on in the Premier League club group in the sixth round of June. VAR, review in England.


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