Premier League: El xito de un Pau Torres que quiere ms y mira a la Eurocopa

Aston Villa is back in Europe's top competition Por la Puerta Grande. Unai Emery's hand I climbed the fishing gear in order not to pass through the paths, and it is planted along the large road to the Prime Minister. El tcnico no ha estado solo. If we ride ghosts and when you have the possibility of elegance, one of your greatest desires will not be able to do anything else Opposite Pau Torres.

The international club became affiliated with Emery and Monchi's project, having completed their career with one of their greatest players, and there has never been another era in which the champions played for their team, Villarreal. I always gave up everything. Leaders know that this is the moment when the doors are opened for a footballer, for example, to all emotions.

Pau Torres decided to join the Prime MinisterWho signs some of them, it would be very difficult for me, but the footballer was charged for the sake of demonstration It adapts perfectly to another way of understanding football And his ability to achieve the same standard as any England Championship footballer has outlasted any player.

Essential for Unai Emery

Initially in England, We're thinking of 29 Premier League games, with two games in our experience and a Conference League semi-final, when Aston Villa surrendered to Olympiacos Mendelibar. Position was key for Emery, and if conquering the arena for the first time in the Champions Era was one of the goals, time was far from over and not too much for the Spanish defence, which will continue to have the European Cup as one of its own. Mrs. Q justified.

If you cannot index as one of the selected Spanish given names, The Fuente s que ha contado con el defensa de manera regular. In the current exercise, only the advocates in the last list have been eliminated. Pau Torres will continue to be everything he can be in the European Cup This is a move for the sake of working, not hiding the stool and presenting a good level, even if it is patented throughout the campaign.


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