Premier League clubs vote to keep VAR: what changes will be made to the technology?

English Premier League clubs voted in favor of retaining the video assistant referee (VAR) technology. Although, from next season onwards Changes will be made to how technology is used. A motion to abolish VAR was put forward by Wolverhampton Wanderers and voted on on Thursday, with… The clubs are overwhelming in their support for the system.

How many English Premier League clubs voted to keep VAR?

In order for any type of rule change to be made, two-thirds (14) of the 20 teams in the league must vote in favor. However, Wolves were the only club looking to remove the technology, with the other 19 voting to retain it.

However, Thursday's meeting also led to discussions on how to improve the use of VAR and eliminate known issues.

The outcome of the vote did not come as a huge surprise, with a number of English-language media outlets already reporting that it had happened Little chance of wolves getting their way.

“Wolves will almost certainly not make it. Several clubs have confirmed they will Not voting in favor of abolishing VAR technologydespite of They firmly believe that it is necessary to improve it“, reported the Times.

After news of Wolves' proposal broke in mid-May, British broadcaster Sky Sports admitted that “the majority of clubs accept Wolves' arguments, but believe that… Abolishing VAR would be counterproductive and hurt his standing From the Premier League.”

Six changes to VAR in the Premier League in the 2024/25 season

Since VAR was introduced in the Premier League in 2019/20, Wolves are the team most negatively affected Through arbitration decisions, leading to their 10-point proposal to explain why the technology should be removed. Although they did not succeed in the end, they at least managed to do so power PGMOL, The body responsible for managing matches in England, To change how the system is used.

The English Premier League confirmed, in an official statement, that changes will be made “Six main areas”:

  1. Maintaining a high threshold for VAR intervention to achieve greater consistency and reduce interruptions to the flow of the game.
  2. Minimizing match delays, primarily through the introduction of semi-automated offside technology (SAOT) and maintaining a high limit for VAR intervention.
  3. Improving the fan experience through reduced delays, in-pitch announcements from referees following a decision change following a VAR and, where possible, enhanced display of replays on the big screen to include all VAR interventions.
  4. Working with PGMOL to implement more robust VAR training to improve consistency, including a focus on speed of process while maintaining accuracy.
  5. Increased transparency and communication around VAR – including expanded communications from the Premier League Match Center and through broadcast programs such as Match Officials Mic'd Up.
  6. Delivering a VAR communications campaign for fans and stakeholders, which will seek to further clarify the role of VAR in the game to participants and supporters.

This has been previously announced Semi-automated intrusions It will be introduced “sometime in the fall,” according to the BBC.

This very technology was used in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and is expected to be used Offside calls are judged much more quickly.

This has now been revealed as well Referees will explain VAR decisions to fans via public address systems within the stadiumWhile the Times says PGMOL “We will ask VAR referees to be more selective when intervening, thus leaving less room for interpretation.”


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