Pogacar tambin es el rey del caos: vence de manga corta el da de la gran tormenta

Hl This result is painful for the friend. The siege had escaped cruelly, ahead of what it sold. In design, messages of every kind are sent. Cyclists have an idea of ​​a conscious plan that enables them to change. Yes, C Campy.

In a few hours, all scenarios are presented: neutralization of the move, cancellation, changes in the transfer process…. Finally, through the variety of journeys and through the passages waiting down the river Livigno, who have received a good sum to obtain after completing 16 moves, you can search There are three possible options: the final arrangement from Lhasa and cutting the step to 120 kilometers.

The era of the problem Cmo llegar hasta all desde Livigno: If there is another person or another. Tampin drives 2 kilometers into Livigno and hops in the car to tour the tunnel that runs through Suiza. Finally, the car will arrive in Lhasa, then arrange the next day after 14.30 hours. With lanes starting and accumulating cars before running them on gasoline, the message from managers is clear: make sure this time it's not a trap.

For quedaba, always with to and fro, a good move when the path efforts go up to Beni Pass (23.3 km to 4.7%) and Monte Pana (7.6 km to 6.1%) Which offers you 12% extra mileage. Alaphilippe, Piccolo, Ballerini and Maestri Montarone Pronto The First Fugitive Caravan. The Fueron has logged kilometers and spent seconds adventuring constantly with the Movistar waiting and driving the pilot.

Valla la copertura

Ten songs of salsa. The road has been accelerated Passo Benny. Operators start throwing away the caps they will use to prevent leaks. Alaphilippe is racing down these first slopes of solo living. When the whole world is looking forward to the attack of Movistar, with Nairo thanks to this blessing, Valentin Paret-Peintre salts in one of the players who attack Pelayo to attack the champions. Quedaban 20 kilometers in the meta and phones are presented with different rules of play in the final gate, where two long kilometers of variations are decided.

If a star is in the mountain, Movistar does not work together. It's a little late, but the complications lie within the equipment. Primero fue Nairo quien se qued en las Ramps del Passo Benny. Despus fue Pelayo, quien segua por delante, quien there no problem with your bike. United Arab Emirates, Silbando During all this journey, she is presented with countless other opportunities to continue winning the award due to her product. Lulu All era long ago, Aunque Coron with 40 inches of torch.

Arrange the last port with the UAE without losing options, so that the final ending remains rosy. It is inevitable to think that he is in the act, hoping that Taddi will recognize Dascanso who runs the force, a “kanbal” as he misses an opportunity. “Las carreras son para ganarlas”, advertisement. For this reason, a deadly attack was carried out 1.3 km away, and the settlers will judge this matter again. There is no dig fruta para club. The one who eats this pie is Pellizari. The United Arab Emirates has five podiums named after it.

Classification of round 16 of the Giro d'Italia


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