PGA Championship Golf: Jon Rahm: “Sigo siendo miembro del PGA Tour y si me lo permiten jugara en el futuro”

Jon Rahm I came across On Louisville, Kentucky) To compete for the PGA Championship qualifying for the youth category in Valhalla, within the framework of the 2008 Ryder Cup. Al Vasco arrives in different conditions than it is now, and its calendar in the LIV has nothing to keep up with the previous seasons. We've discussed some hurricanes in whether we start in 2024 and how the track height has been involved in 11, accumulation of four circuits in each one. In fact, an account Four triads in order not to start this campaign. However, the ban that may have occurred from less than “Len de Barrika”, are the beginning events since then, a bit of LIV without a cube. In any situation, the Vasco flows in the big second of time ganas de reivindicarse Despus de su actuacin en Augusta (acab 45).

“I don't think my game has the kind of problem. I don't play well at Augusta, but now it's not out of the top 10.”, Alvasco confirmed. You couldn't recognize Victoria in the 54 day ring, you can't go wrong He finished second in the overall LIV due to his regularity. This being the case, the vizcano admits that there are differences: “S que son Campos ms pequeos, pero he estado jugando un buen Golf. And then the 'major' nico who plays, clearly does not provide a nice job,” recognizes Barrika.

He was playing good golf. It's slo que el nico 'major' that you play, clearly not a pleasant act

Jon Rahm

In this case, you ask and respond: “Did he play his best golf? No. But I feel like in recent weeks, especially after the climb to Singapore, he's getting a level of adjustments that he doesn't realize, like putting the ball, but he's just got a few things he's learned.” Mai Sea Game Ms Constanty. He never felt like I would play my game. When I say I'm not enjoying it the best way I can decide that this week wasn't off my A game, but it's not nice. Me siento cmodo con cmo jugu este ao”.+

He got the same level of adjustments that he didn't realize, but he knew my game was consistent

Jon Rahm

Of course, during John's press conference in the city that hosts the famous Kentucky Derby, in which the legendary athlete, Muhammad Ali, started… He will talk about the negotiations between the Public Investment Fund (Fondo Soberano de Arabia Saad y el PGA Tour). In fact, we offer an explanation that doesn't taste like Rahmbo and we're happy to go along with anything: “Mira, you say 'the other one,' but you're a member of the PGA Tour, parked or not. I've supported the PGA Tour and I think it's a special job to do. I don't feel afraid of others. Simply not a game at all […] “Voy a decir lo que he dicho siempre, espero que lleguemos a un acquierdo que sea beneficiosa para todos, pero yo no s lo que est pasando.”

I've supported the PGA Tour and I think it's a special job to do. I don't feel afraid of others

Jon Rahm

Al espaol the preguntaron tambin for la Jimmy Dunne downgraded from the PGA Tour's independent board, which operates through an agreement between the PGA and PIF. Ram slo quiso explains what McIlroy is looking for and he mentions it several times: “A World Cup tour with the best players in the world. I enjoy it. We have the opportunity to play golf at a different level and enjoy the world that no one else has.”, in order to fully present this idea. What happens next day at this time? [en las negociaciones] For this function to work properly. No s si eso lleva uno, dos, tres, cinco, seis aos”, expres.

We have an opportunity to put the game of golf on a different level and take on world-class missions like no other

Jon Rahm

Meanwhile, John insisted you were a member of the PGA and said, “Play full time at LIV Golf. As he said many times, if he lets me, I'll play some of my starts, and if you let me and I don't get into conflict with my calendar, I'll play in the future.. The PGA Tour has done a lot for me and it has provided a platform and an opportunity to not move in one direction or the opposite.”

The PGA Tour has given me a great tour and given me a platform and an opportunity to not move in one direction or the opposite

Jon Rahm

In this sign, after having participated in the Ryder Cup, the new CEO of the European Circuit has announced that he will not change a normal thing, because the LIV players compete with four rounds of the circuit and take an important economic decision if they want to discuss the competition with the lady of golf. “Tengo que estudiarlo. Obviously we are playing in Spain [el Open]. We need to talk to them about how to solve the problem so we can play some hurricanes. If I have everything possible to get on this Ryder Cup team, I'm bargaining with Luke Donald and I want to be a part of it. The new calendar will be difficult for this feeling,” emphasizes golfer Vasco.

About CMO encara el torneo After many torneos in the game, Campen del Masters 2023 comment: “It is clear that the 'majors' are a higher level than any other torneo in the games. In my case the importance of this is at the time of launch” aprender a controlar cunto quera hacer antes. I have a great time figuring out what I needed the week before to do work around the house, and I spend the week simply enjoying it and feeling ready to play.. Tambin hay, creo, an antes, and un despus una vez que ganas un 'major' and pasas al sguiente.”

As for the torturous conditions we've already come to expect over the past week in Louisville, we can't lose it: “Crec en el norte de Espaa, donde vea ms das como este que de sol, and you feel that you have a lot of experience in this feeling.”.


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