Norris reveals in-car prayer during Verstappen hunt

Lando Norris has revealed he was “praying” for another lap during his pursuit of Max Verstappen at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

Norris entered the weekend having won his first Grand Prix in Miami two weeks ago.

His bid for back-to-back success began from a front-row starting position – but throughout the race, he looked unable to challenge Verstappen for the lead.

After repelling an attack from Charles Leclerc, Norris increased his speed in the final stages of the race to approach Verstappen.

The Briton came within seven tenths of a second of the three-time world champion, making him regret not having had additional laps to attack.

“I was just praying for one more lap,” Norris told media outlets including: Racing News 365.

“I was just praying that someone would say another roll. I don't know why.

“I mean I did everything I could. I was pushing hard to get there and catch up and have a chance.

Polluted Air

Norris' lead was affected as he approached behind Verstappen and into sloppy Red Bull air in the final laps.

However, the Briton also admitted that his performance in the opening part of the race also hampered his chances.

“Once you get within two seconds, you start losing downforce and grip,” Norris said.

“The tires start overheating again. I kind of struggled for a few laps, but once I understood how I had to drive again, like the last lap I was able to get, and seven-tenths, like another lap, at least he had to defend in the corner.” the first. .

“Maybe something could have come from that, but one lap too late.

“It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is, and we suffered a lot at the beginning of the race.”


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