Neymar: Ballon d’Or is “certainly” going to Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr

the The Santos-Neymar series has a new chapter After the Brazilian's recent statements in an interview during an auction organized by the “Neymar Junior Institute”, which was held in a private sports club located in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. The striker commented that he wants his contract with Al Hilal to continue until 2025thus Close the possibility of joining Santos.

There is no possibility of returning to Santos next yearHe said frankly. “What?” What is being said is completely untrue, nothing is planned. I have another year on my contract with Al Hilal. I hope I have a great season. I missed the last one. We are going little by little. There is a long way ahead. Obviously Santos is my favorite team, one day I want to come back, yesBut I don't have anything planned in mind, the attacker commented.

Will Neymar play for Brazil in the Copa America?

These statements represent a jug of cold water for Santos President Marcelo Teixeira, who revealed this last February There was a conversation with Neymar about his return to the club. “It (the conversation) was fast, but faster always has good effect. No, no, it's too early (to sign a pre-contract). He still has to recover better. To play here he has to recover well. He will continue to have experience there and Then he will come“, commented Teixeira.

Neymar also spoke about the injury This will prevent him from playing for Brazil in the Copa America: “It's painful, there's a lot of suffering, but I'm recovering. It's been seven months since my injury, and there's still more time to go, but we're getting there. It will be sad. It's a shame you have to stay awayObviously, but I will support them. I hope Brazil can win, we have the team for that, with quality players.The Al Hilal player underwent surgery in November both of them Torn cruciate ligaments and torn meniscus in his left knee.

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Feeney Junior scored the second goal as Real Madrid won their 15th Champions League title.Carl RissenReuters

The Ballon d'Or debate then began to gain momentum Real Madrid won the Champions League with Vinicius As one of the distinguished artists. For Neymar, there is no debate: the award must go to his compatriot. “Obviously the Ballon d'Or is his, I hope so. I sent him a message before the final and another after. He will definitely win the Ballon d'OrThe Al Hilal player said: He is an incredible player and proudly carries the colors of our country around the world.

There is no doubt that Vinicius is one of the favorites to win the next award Even more so if he concludes his season with Copa America in the United States of America.


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