Muere el influencer Tzane tras sufrir una cada durante su visita a un pueblo fantasma de Italia

HOver the Moon, on May 13, another notice directly impacts the world on content creators. Influencer Giorgi JanelidzeMS conocido en las redes sociales como TazzanHe fell at 23 because of it An incident you encountered while visiting a fictional city in Italy.

Aunque la muerte se ha conocido en la journada de hoy, que la vida el pasado 13 de marzo. The content creator you will be communicating with MS has 108 million followers on InstagramThis era has been greatly recognized in the digital world, because the dead have supernatural power within the platform.

The young man was a fitness expert, but he would go on trips to have different experiences. Unfortunately, one of these fortuitous events has gone on without me saying it to the world.

It can be the vacuum of the balcony

Giorgi intends to pay a visit to Rogodi Ficino, a municipality in the Calabria region, along the way, with the aim of achieving this. It seized homes that had been abandoned after being flooded in 1973 and sparked a message from its citizens.

Because they are in one of these homes, Influencers exist on the balcony and move in the void. There is no room for the parandella to calm the decline, so that everything indicates that you trust and cannot maintain balance.

We have informed the Italian media of this, and encourage friends of the young people who wish to contact us with urgent information to remind us of what happened. “No one has anything to do with it. For Favor, please have no money to see what you want in the past”publican Chris Kogias, one of your friends, said via a video on his Instagram profile.

“Bon voyage” or “I hope you are well in any case, I wish you happiness” or “Explore peace”There are some messages that you can see in your latest social media posts.


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