MotoGP podcast: Is Bagnaia finally filling Italy’s Rossi void?

Even the Abu Dhabi Auto Racing League

Pico Bagnaia's double win at the Mugello circuit was a major boost to his bid to host the 2024 MotoGP Championship.

And as Simon Patterson reported from the scene when he joined Valentin Krunzi and Matt Beer on The Race MotoGP Podcast, he was greeted by a more enthusiastic crowd than the Italian Grand Prix has enjoyed in the barren Mugello years since Valentino Rossi's retirement.

So, as well as discussing the impact of Bagnaia's win on his title quest, we also delve into what it all means for Italy, MotoGP and Rossi's legacy.

Meanwhile, was Jorge Martin's combination of crash and last-lap loss of position a sign of him falling back into his old bad habits – or was his weekend a testament to his ability to calmly maintain title contention even when slightly off the pace?

Plus, just how big of a disadvantage does Marc Marquez have in the equipment area – and is he holding the Ducati at ransom until 2025 or is he innocently focused on what's best for him?

We discuss these topics, compare Pedro Acosta to Thanos from the Marvel movies, and Val destroys his house while discussing supervision and punishments – but his anger is not the reason you might expect.

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