Michael Schumacher awarded damages over fake ‘interview’

Michael Schumacher's family has received €200,000 in compensation after filing a lawsuit against a German magazine over a fake interview.

In April 2023, Die Actuel She published an interview she claimed was with Schumacher, nearly 10 years after the skiing accident that put him in a medically induced coma. He has not been seen in public since.

Updates on the seven-time world champion's health are closely guarded by his family, with little information known about his condition.

However, editor Anne Hoffmann chose to do an AI-generated interview, claiming to be with Schumacher – who was promptly sacked.

The Schumacher family has filed a lawsuit against the publishers of Funke Mediangruppe with Ubermedien, a legal media arbitrator that rules that apologies issued by Hoffmann and… Die Actuel It went no further and was ordered to pay compensation of €200,000 to the Schumacher family. Its price is about 170,000 pounds sterling.


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