Mercedes chief reacts to prospect of Newey signing

Mercedes technical director James Allison has confirmed that he has no concerns about the prospect of working with Adrian Newey.

Newey, Red Bull's technical director, will leave the team in early 2025 and bring an end to his long and highly successful association with the Milton Keynes-based team.

Mercedes are believed to be one of the teams seeking to sign Newey, with the Briton hinting last week that he is not quite ready to end his Formula 1 career following his exit from Red Bull.

With Alisson currently overseeing Mercedes' technical operations, the 56-year-old was asked if it would be possible to work with Newey at the team.

“This is a completely hypothetical question, but I see no reason not to do it,” Allison said. Sky Sports.

“You have to be reasonably clear about who was doing what.

“I think any team that looks at Adrian on the market as a very effective guy is going to ask the same question about how do you bring in a guy like that and get the most out of him.”

“He will make any team fast.”

Other teams have also been linked to Newey's services, including Aston Martin and Williams, with Newey enjoying championship success with the latter in the 1990s.

With such a strong reputation attached to his name, Allison expects a “lively market” to go after Newey.

Alisson added: “Adrian can be useful to any team that has him in charge.” “He's a legend in this sport, look at what he's done, look at the success he's had.

“There is absolutely no doubt that he will make any team he joins quicker. The team will certainly have to organize itself to get the best from such a relationship.

“But it will make any team go fast and I have no doubt there will be an active market for it.”


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