McLaren driver banned hours after signing for team

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has decided to ban the new McLaren-backed Formula 3 driver, Martinius Stenshorn, from participating in the upcoming Silverstone round.

Stenchorn and Alex Dunne have joined McLaren's junior program on Thursday at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, as the FIA ​​F3 prepares to return to competition after a seven-week break following the Australian Grand Prix support round.

However, stewards decided to ban the Hitech driver from participating in the July 6-7 round at Silverstone after competing in another championship at the Northamptonshire circuit.

Steenshorn competed in the final GB3 round without prior permission from the FIA, which deemed it an “unfair advantage” for the Norwegian, who was called out along with a Hitech team representative, who claimed he was not aware of Stenshorn's participation, despite Hitech also running. . Cars in the GB3 series.

Stenshorne was given four penalty points for the incident, with the stewards also finding that the FIA ​​and the promoter would have “denied clearance” for Stenshorne to compete in GB3 had it been received due to “the similarities between a GB3 car and an F3 car”. The sporting advantage is acquired by the driver.”

Fellow Formula 3 racer Nikola Zolov was also banned from the Spa stage of the championship for a similar offense after taking part in the European Cup Round 3 in Belgium, again with the required approval.

Another driver, Arvid Lindblad, who took part in testing for the GP3 Silverstone round, was fined €20,000, half of which was suspended, with the condition that it not be repeated for the rest of the year.


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