McLaren boss in awe at ‘just amazing’ Verstappen

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella described Max Verstappen's stunning runs as “absolutely amazing”, with the Dutchman always managing to pull off a perfect escape.

On almost every occasion Verstappen leads into Turn 1 after starting from pole position, a result of his traditionally flawless starts.

This was on display again last weekend at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, where Lando Norris was unable to pass the world champion into the first turn.

Taking the lead into Turn 1 has played a big part in Verstappen and Red Bull's recent success, as the Dutch driver was then able to build an immediate advantage.

Overtaking the 26-year-old into the first turn is crucial to anyone's chances of winning, although Stella does not believe there is any software change that could make McLaren's start better than that of Verstappen and Red Bull.

“No, I think if we look at Verstappen's consistent launches, it would be amazing,” Stella told selected media outlets including: Racing News 365.

“It's true that he scores pole, but you rarely see him lose pole at the first corner. Gaining this consistency in starts is again the result of good work.

“I often say how much I admire the fact that they can win consistently, because there are only so many ways things can go wrong.”

Verstappen's amazing 'quality'

McLaren has recent experience with things going wrong on the job, with Oscar Piastri receiving a three-place drop penalty after qualifying in second place.

The British team failed to inform the Australian soon enough that Kevin Magnussen was approaching quickly, resulting in the young driver blocking the Dane.

Stella explains this example as McLaren has not reached the operational level of Red Bull yet, although in terms of race starts, that is also down to Verstappen's talent.

“Yesterday we proved us wrong in the qualifiers with our operations,” Stella continued. “But to achieve that level of consistency in launches, that's the type of driver that executes the launch.

“It's a process of preparing the tires, and you definitely have a good engine in the acceleration phase, and then you can get a little bit of an advantage for example, in reaction time, like Lando did today.

“But if you have such a consistent start, as happened with Verstappen, you kind of don't get the position. So it shows that you need to do well everywhere to be successful. That's what we're trying to do.” “.


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