McGregor carga contra Topuria: “Que le jodan, no es un campen”

Y When everything is calm in one month of return Conor McGregor (22-6-0) In October, the Irish were all about enjoying the air with a scorching 'draft' that didn't last long. “The Notorious” attacked Ilya Topuria and said that he is not a real camp. When Max Holloway is he, Max the Destroyer, the Harbinger.

These are your words: “What's Topuria going to play. I'm importing a car. I remember the reactionary Artem Lobov. I think it's Holloway who is destroying.” There is no camp. “Puede que Tenga un cinturn, pero es un cinturn sans Sentido mientras l lo sostenga”. Yes: “Best race in 2025? No sailor, Muchacho.”

That's why Topuria. I import a car

Conor McGregor over Elijah Topuria

McGregor has it all, even though Elijah Topuria doesn't know it (15-0-0, Camp Invicto del Peso Pluma) And we are still in the era of Gorgiano or Espaol, which is not exactly left anymore.

Irish, Adams, all for other people greater:

Al Khabib: “You have to do the gobierno ruso. You have the main UFC events and you have to get money from the gobierno. Rata escurridiza que le debe dinero al gobierno ruso. Le dar la bienvenida nuevamente al juego de lucha del que huy.”

Volkvanovsky: “Que le jodan al tambin, le habra arrancado la cabeza de los hombros a patadas.”

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