Mbapp rene a 250 personas en su fiesta de despedida del PSG

sIguen las despedidas de Mbappe. Dispose of this problem Parque de los PrincipesNow la estrella gala ha reyonedo a 250 invitations In order to play other games on the land, please contact Le Parisien. It was amazingly organized “Gigi” Restaurant, located on Montaigne Street (district 8). This is an elegant scenario Kylian Mbappe To organize a festival of despair. A scenario that holds your mind because at this moment it settles on the name “La Casa Blanca”, a choice that has been strongly commented on in the French media as a translation as a small piece for your future equipment.

Before starting a new professional adventure at Real Madrid, Mbappe I wanted to enjoy a long-term career as a Paris Saint-Germain player, spending time discussing one team, French Cup final Priximo Spado. 250 people were invited to learn a trendy restaurant in Pars ya moda de agradecimiento.

With Al-Khelaifi’s sin?

Equipment mates and technical body members, all their family mates, personal friends of players, football players… Kylian Mbappe I wanted to enjoy everything that accompanied me or had important and special things in all the timings in Paris Saint-Germain. He is the president of PSG, the president of PSG. Al-Khalifialthough the relaxation is particularly tense in this final phase of Mbapp in the Parisian suite.


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