Max Sciandri: “Es verdad que al equipo se le da mejor el verano, pero tenemos que rendir bien todo el ao”

Max Sciandri He is considered by enthusiasts as one of the principals of MS ofensivos Movistar Team. El Transalpino, which is being trained to fly during this time “Corsa Rosa”, in Marca newspaper In the full finale, analyze the performance of your desired Navarro combination with a second trio and determine whether it is achievable overall.

Are you the leader of the Movistar team on this final course of the Giro?

Al equipment le veo bien. After getting the first one a week ago, you won't be able to tell what it's all about, but you'll have another color. You have another one. Adams, the gannet is approaching my house. Than ah, I think we're better. Equipment is good.

What appears to have been cut is Nero.

We get moving before arranging the route and look at a few of the calendars we want to do. Nairo comes with much money in Equipo. It's important that your job is good, but that you also enjoy it. This weekend is in the Equipo, where you feel and what the world is about. It is important to look for your opportunity. The result is Domingo Lo Hado, a lot of confidence. Victoria de Pogacar obviously goes above and beyond her performance, but we love the Nero de Vuelta and think you can bring a lot of things to equipment.

Do you want to continue this long journey in Italy?

We faced this last week with a lot of morals, with Gaara. Tenemos a Rubio ya Nairo Ah, which will be well designed in the mountains. You're always here with the future. I think we can be champions and look for another Victoria in Etapa. The morning of Monte Grappa (the bad) we see here. We are ethical and believe that we can do well because we have many inspiring communications. Fernando (Gaviria) is not bad, but it is clear that Milan is on another level and the turnovers are very difficult. Minrado a la General, Rubio tambin can rise to the positions.

Do you want to make Movistar the best team in the world?

It's clear what people are talking about. At this moment in cycling there are five or six routes that are the best. Los Pogacar, Vingegaard, Van Aert, Vanderpoel… they are very real. The ciclismo is cambiado. We are now in a moment where we have rebuilt the team. Cuando llegu aqu cogimos once. 30% of the equipment was from new professionals. A large share of the equipment was young men. Select it. People like Jorgenson are sure to be. Some of the results are impressive, but all we have to do is reunite some lanes to rally around future greats.

We have had a complicated moment, did we learn that Chente when you said that Movistar has become a team of honorable people?

Seguramente somos un teamo que va a ms en esa staycin del ao. Lazkano or Cortina can do things in the Clásico period. It's been growing, but it's clear that we're a team that's been producing the best results this part of the year. These places are often in the carreras. We intend to do our best in as many possible locations, because we will score points on all tracks. We can't get good results at LaVuelta.

Would you like the rest of the time?

The tour is very important to us. I think Enrique can do a good tour. It is very important to us. Y lo mesmo in LaVuelta, donde solemos tener buenos resultsados. I think the negative part has passed this Giro and now we will start at some point, la di verano, like the decathlon. I hope you are optimistic. We can get the best results on the ground, but we must always give our best all year round.


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