Lily Yohannes scores on her debut. Who is the new star of the USWNT?

In a 3-0 win for the USWNT over a respected opponent in South Korea, it was the young substitute who took third place for the Americans and thus stole the headlines as she announced herself to the soccer world.

Presented by Lily Johannes

On Tuesday night, USWNT fans and soccer fans in general were in for a treat. Indeed, the moment came when he was 16 years old Lily Johannes He hit a low shot to make it 3-0 in the second of two victories over South Korea. In doing so, Johannes, at 16 years and 358 days, became the eighth-youngest player to debut for the USWNT and the third-youngest to score, behind only Christine Lilly in 1987 (16 years and 22 days) and Tiffany Roberts. 1994 (16 years, 340 days).

Of course, this is the latest entry in the story of this new star of the sport, but to better understand her, we have to go back to the beginning. Born in Springfield, Virginia, Johannes didn't grow up in a football-mad city, but what she did do was move to Amsterdam at the age of nine with her parents and two older brothers, and that's where things took a turn. At the age of 13, I started training with one of the most prestigious Dutch clubs, AFC Ajax. Today she is a regular player in the women's first team. In that sense, Johannes is a pretty unique inclusion in the USWNT as virtually all of her teammates play for American clubs or universities.

As we look forward, it remains unclear whether Johannes will be included in the Olympic team, which will be coached by current national team coach Emma Hayes. In fact, with the roster limited to 18 players and a host of other options available, it will be a surprise, to say the least. However, as she prepares for her 17th birthday next week, there's no way to deny that she's turning heads. To that end, perhaps her debut this week wasn't just a case of youngsters getting a chance against a lesser team, but rather a sign of things to come, which might make sense when we consider what Lily Johannes just showed us.


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