Liga F: El Barcelona se da un bao de confianza antes de las dos finales

Barcelona will start with a draw (0-4) with Eibar in Ibora in a friendly match in the 28th league.. The Blue Team, which claimed the La Liga title, now has a partnership in the domestic championship to play the final of the Copa del Rey (race against Real Sociedad) and the Champions League (round of 25 against Olympique Lyonnais).

The segment was a Monlugo Azulgrana – today lighting up his second gear – from the initial pit. Play the game for a quarter of an hour, then unlock it when it appears Connexin Graham Selma. Norway helps from the west coast as it is, when entering the opposite coast, it can fill the African continent with tour. Five minutes after arriving at the place Second visit with Torrejn company. The center receives Carla's mistreatment through a side position for Rolf to judge the little truth.

The place is covered with plastic. Graham Mark de Desparo Cruzado – by playing in Arana – while Altonaga was actually having fun while receiving a shot in the previous game Sin que la rbitra llegara a sancionar nada y sin que ninguna jugadora lelegara to tirar el baln fuera.

Cuatro Gulidoras are different

El paso por festuarios does not change its method. Eibar got water on their property thanks to the approval of Noelia Bajo Balos. After the game time has passed, shoot the bank and the girlAnd el cuarto azulgrana alleg poco despus con un Bruna City Center managed by Alexia is at the base of the shopping centres. Barcelona excels at 80% of the situation and the statistics are clearly favourable

With the win at home, Barcelona collected 82 of a possible 84 points in two days for the final round of the league. Eibar, after its decline, we must collect a point to testify to its stability In the first division.


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