Liga Arabia Saud: Al-Ittihad tantea a Allegri como reemplazo de Marcelo Gallardo en el banquillo

Al-Ittihad is looking for a replacement for Marcelo Gallardo and the goal is Massimiliano Allegri Para hacerse Cargo del Equipo de Cara La PRxima Temporada. Los Jeddah, champions of the Saudi Professional League, will play for several weeks, You don't have sports ranking options in the Champions Beta y buscarn Another change in the air in the bank so you can return to the high lady The cursor of the world.

Massimiliano Allegri during the Italian Cup final

This is what happens Marcelo Gallardo's departure at the Etihad was not able to bring about the best possible results…and it never happened. All the messages passed by the same day Nuno Espirito Santo's replacement (Now in Notthingam Forest) y I noticed Ms por sus polmicas con Karim Benzema that he works in front of the team. This balance is very important to you 14 Victoria, Quattro Impates and 13 Deruta.

Marca informed El Pasado March 13, sent aunque to Contra Gulf Bank, Marcelo Gallardo does not follow As Al-Ittihad coach after 31 matches in charge. Your replacement, Sign Hymus Podido Conoser, could be Massimiliano AllegriRecently, Juventus despaired of taking off during the scandalous episode in which they played the cup final against Atalanta.

Massimiliano Allegri in the Italian Cup final

Massimiliano Allegri in the Italian Cup final

Sera una A radical rebellion against what the union aspires to with Marcelo Gallardo Get one month. The Italian, last camp of the Italian Cup with Juventus, is an “old Peru” in this football. Con coach Milli de 20 aos de tricótoria In banks which, for a long period of their career, left a total 16 Toulouse.

You can also download it from the Italian menu, This experience was drawn from Allegri's first experience of crossing the Alps, where he was destined to date such as Milan or Juventus de Terren. Sue Experience and leadership abilitycompetitions, what should fail to rebuild the plane in the federation that competes with top players such as Luis Felipe, Fabinho, Kant or Jota. Is it enough to meet Benzema?


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