LaLiga: Tebas en Ol: “Mbapp? En el Madrid el ao que viene”

CTebas spoke in an interview with the Argentine daily, the legend of Kylian Mbappe with Real Madrid, and indicated that Real Madrid will have a great team in the first temporary match: “Mbappe? In Real Madrid, at the time he lives in, no.” “The time we live in is one of the best in the world, but it is very good, and Vinicius and Bellingham have a big farm that does not guarantee the championship.”

Mbappe and the heroes

“Man, if you have five contract terms, you have five chances to win.”

Las Remontada del Madrid

“The image is the thing that you can decide that exists in Real Madrid. Because it happens temporarily over a period of time. And you do the question camp. Every time you don't reach everything, but most of the past days. This is one mark poco la vigencia de LaLiga, isn't it?” like that?”.

LaLiga quality

“We have great competition and we have new players. New footballers are always emerging. In the bar there are Yamal Di Céco, Pedri and Gavi. And Real Madrid, Vinicius, Bellingham and Mbappe.”


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