La ‘otra’ Champions del Madrid

Happy New Year to Real Madrid. Currently, the 2023/24 season is over. The Spanish League championship, the twentieth champions in their history (and the sixth in the last decade), and everything, with a strong project that encourages the continuation of playing at the Santiago Bernabéu in Corto and in the arena. Yes, it is the plant that has harvested everything, and it includes many talents such as Endrik and World Cup stars such as Mbappe. Madrid's palaces do not stop working, but they are not alone in the field: they are also immutable in social relations.

In recent years, club communications through their official channels have gained great importance. Practicamente la totalidad de los punteros punteros apuestan fuertemente por una interactioun consus usuarios no solo para informar sobre el día a dí de la entidad o para hacer públicos fichajes o comunicados de sino tampi en torno a shared passion. Because the reach is also widespread thanks to sporting success, Real Madrid has become the club that will bring more social rewards in 2023.

This was deduced by the most recent studio through which it was published Football Observatory Dale CIES. Según reza dicho studio, The Merengue club is the one that collects the largest number of followers in the summary of their social networks all over the planet: there are no more than 410 million “followers” Collection of X (Forward, Twitter), Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Moreover, since he was linked to previous years, he has increased in size like a madridista in the past year. Sumaron has more than 48 million new followers to their official channels.

The most popular classic

Real Madrid is the team with the largest number of “followers” ​​on social networks in the world… behind Barcelona. The eternal duel between Merengues and Culés is not alone in the balance in the sky, they are also arguing over the color red. This is the classic apartment, today, He will travel to the Madrid club with 410 million followers in front of 360 Barcelona. X It is the red social color that is more present (Madrid develops only in Barcelona in 400,000 followers) e Instagram This is what is even more disparate (madridista experience is more than 30 million zologranas).

Madrid appears to be in pole position, and Barcelona is in second place. Third is Manchester United. As complex as the Red Devils' last spell has been, the power of their brand will endure throughout time and continue to amass millions of fans around the world. The phenomenon of plasma in social communities, numbering more than 215 million. Paris Saint-Germain (4th, with 184 million followers) and Manchester City (5th, with more than 158) have risen significantly in recent years, seeing their successes and joining the top five now.

The club Seguidores (en millones)
1 real madrid 410,9
2 Barcelona 360,7
3 Manchester United 216,3
4 Paris Saint-Germain 184,1
5 Manchester city 158,4
6 Juventus 155,8
7 Liverpool 144,5
8 Chelsea 141,7
9 Bayern de Munich 137,1
10 Arsenal 102,4

Contact point is The difference between Real Madrid, the most dominant team in the world, and Borussia Dortmund, its competitor in the Spanish League final this season. Westphalia Club, which seeks to be considered a social influencer around the world, is not too desperate to socialize and occupies the place Decimal position dell ranking dell CIES. You have over 52 million accumulated followers Among all the official channels, each time the year passes, they add more than six million new “followers”, resulting in a small number of followers in this particular category.

The phenomenon Messi and Cristiano

So, when everyone finishes their football streak at senior level and joins their venue, they won't jump to the league; Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo continue their great passion. Its best years in football and the market, but it is conditioned and great phenomena, and, for Moistra, this is the studio del CIES. Yes, Inter Miami and Al Nasr, the two teams that record the Argentine and Portuguese star, respectively, have experimented with supporting new followers in their official channels.

The North American era is the era that David Beckham, its owner, knew. But Messi's rank was the reason he gained 31 million new “followers” who joined the second club in the world that grew larger. In social competitions in 2023. Only Real Madrid has achieved more quantitative goals, but in qualitative terms, eFlorida Club achieved a greater increase of 1,300%. (Less than 2 million followers to over 33). Injury cases of a legendary football player with the Ballon d'Or.

The club Nuevos seguidores (in millions) Follow-up totals (in billions)
1 real madrid 48,4 410,9
2 Inter de Miami 31,3 33,4
3 Manchester city 27,5 158,4
4 Victory 22,1 54,3
5 Barcelona 18,4 360,7

Cristiano also cruises to victory on the red plot of land. The Portuguese were the first major World Cup stars to join the Saudi Football League, who over decades of footballers discovered shots in the panorama of Europe to embark on the new path that would lead them to the end of the new football. The past five years of winning the Ballon d'Or have angered Al Jazeera Arabia, causing Al Nassr to experience a defeat of more than 22 million followers on its official channels. It has now turned into a quarter club of the world which has increased its growth this year.

The bag of PSG; And now, there is no Mbappé

Another question that revolves around the CIES study is PSG's head in its social communities. This is not the best level: the French Premier League championship He lost three million followers in the last year and has moved into the club with a string of “followers” pronounced more pronounced by all who appear in the studio. And there is an important point: the study data corresponds to the year 2023, when Kylian Mbappe announced that he would not want to announce the search for a new one at Real Madrid.

The French international league is clearly a recovery for social media users, and now that they have been certified to play at the Santiago Bernabéu from the 2024/25 season, Paris Saint-Germain's trend of social competitions continues. e, including, intensification. A series of new followers who have experienced Mbappe's privacy from the moment of official contact in Madrid As if that were the case. Bondi is a machine for generating red interactions…which form part of the leader without discussion among users.

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