Kroos: “El enfado del Bayern est justificado, haba que dejar que la jugada acabase”

HFor Centrocampista del Real Madrid, Tony CrossHe had a very strong game in the last battle before that Bayern de Menichin the Champions League semi-final round, which provoked them “No purpose” I have a yacht We will go on 2-2 in the last minute of the match.

Dell's defence Bayern Empat the prolongacin, for two days before removing it Simon Marciniak Ya Hapa Hicho Sonar Su Silpato After Your Assistant Hobbies Levantado El Bandern For The United Nations Polmico fuera de juego game. No assistant or student continues the game he is playing with the red ball at his door Two colorswith the white players and their portal by rescuing Silbato.

Rajada Tuchel's brutality: “Tener las pelotas de levantar la bandera…”Performance statistics

“He made a bad decision. I hope the game goes on and continues to play.”, open Kroos in podcast joining Hermano Flix. “It is believed that the fault is mainly the assistant’s,” he concluded. “Because it is Levanta La Bandera, the player means that he saw Claro and agreed that it would probably be a place for a three-metre play,” he said, explaining that Kroos intended to frustrate Bayern after the decision was made. “The result is justified because you were able to face the situation to the end 100%.”.

Jujadores Parados

Drive, Cross He also declared that it was not now safe if Madrid's defenses were held or not gone De Ligt There is no median before the jogging hole. “Not if you have a mass enclosure so you can save the silpato long before you leave. If the tension is removed from what you want to protect the jugada”paternal aunt.


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