Isle of Man TT Schedules Three Races for Saturday, Cancels Superstock Race 2

Further changes will be made to the Isle of Man TT schedule, with three races now scheduled for Saturday.

Of course, one of those races is the Senior TT as usual, but it was shortened to four laps as a result of the additional races.

These are the second Supersport and Supertwin races, while Superstock Race 2 has been canceled altogether.

Wet weather at the Isle of Man TT 2024, Thursday 6 June. Credit: Impact Images.

This comes after rain on Friday meant that the scheduled Supersport and Superstock races could not be held, forcing Supersport to be postponed to Saturday. Supertwin Race 2 had already been moved to Saturday on Thursday when the Supersport race was moved to Friday after being unable to run on Thursday afternoon.

The full schedule for the three races for Saturday 8 June, announced at 15:30 on Friday 7 June, is below.

Six races have been run so far, with the Crowe brothers taking their first win in the Sidecar TT and going on to sweep the class in Sidecar Race 2. Michael Dunlop equaled Joey Dunlop's record of 26 wins in the Supersport TT, then surpassed it in the Supertwin TT on Wednesday. Peter Hickman won his 14th Superbike TT on Sunday, while Davey Todd was victorious in what turned out to be his only Superstock TT of the year.


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