Is Kevin De Bruyne going to leave Manchester City for Saudi Arabia? Transfer update

Kevin De Bruyne has another year left on his contract with Manchester City (June 2025). Despite missing the first five months of the season due to injury, the Belgian once again proved in the 2023-2024 season that he is the best. Not only One of the best players in the league and even in the world.

Belgian He needed just 26 games to provide 17 assists And the result Six goals. However, good things don't last forever. A few months ago, The athlete A report has been written Kevin De Bruyne “would rather join the American League than go to Saudi Arabia”: This was the beginning of rumors about the possibility of his departure from Manchester club; The hype, after the season ended, got louder.

De Bruyne: The future will be dealt with in a certain way

In exclusive statements to the Belgian TV channel VTMpresented by Dutch media HLNHe was a Manchester City player He asked about his future.

“For Michelle (his wife), A strange adventure all right. They're also conversations we're having more and more as a family. I have another year on my contract, so I have to think about what might happen. My eldest son is now eight years old and knows only England. He also asks me how long I will play for Manchester City. “When the time comes, we will have to deal with it a certain way.”

Information you posted The athlete He said in February that “Kevin De Bruyne received an offer worth around €70 million ($76 million) per year last summer to join Saudi Arabia.But he said no. He always thought about retiring in the most traditional way: by moving to Major League Soccer. Moving to the United States may be more suitable for him and his family than moving to Saudi Arabia“Even if the money isn't good.”

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A lot of high-profile players have moved from Europe to Saudi Arabia in the past few seasons.StringerReuters

“Unbelievable money at the end of my career.” “You have to think about that.”

De Bruyne spoke with incredible candor about a potential move to Saudi Arabia, highlighting the clear financial incentive such a move would inevitably bring: “At my age, You have to be open to everything. There is talk of incredible money in what could be the end of my career. Sometimes you have to think about it.

“If I played there for two years, I can earn an incredible amount. That's why I had to play football for 15 years. I probably won't even get that amount. Then you have to think about what that might mean later. But at the moment, I didn't have to think about that yet.” De Bruyne's links to the Middle East also coincide with the emergence of Phil Fod onthesportsone of City's star strikers.

De Bruyne also spoke at Belgium's training camp ahead of the European Championship and referred to his teammate Courtois will be absent from the Red Devils' final squad for the tournament“The best thing is for everyone to be available. I don’t know all the details because I wasn’t present in that training camp. But we have to trust the other three goalkeepers in the team. “The situation is as it is.”


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