How much money will Real Madrid make per year from Kylian Mbappé and the new Bernabéu?

Real Madrid believes its accounts are set to be boosted by up to €350 million (more than $380 million) annually. the next The arrival of a free transfer for Kylian Mbappe To strut his stuff at the “new and improved” Santiago Bernabéu stadium. While Mbappe's star status – and the associated image rights – will line the pockets of the La Liga giants, so too will their refurbished stadium, whose ability to generate revenue from matches and non-football events alike, will turn it into the club's latest 'Galactico'.

Real Madrid expects a huge increase in the stadium's annual revenues following the renovation of the Bernabéu

the The total cost of the complete modernization of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium is at least 1.16 billion euros ($1.26 million).. This figure is the amount borrowed to complete the project, although it may eventually rise as the club still has to pay interest on three loans it took out to carry out the work.

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Madrid expects that spending in the short term will be worth it in the long term, they expect Annual stadium revenue increased by 109.2% from €152 million ($165.15 million) to approximately €318 million ($345.51 million)which is said to be a conservative estimate.

How much additional revenue can Real Madrid generate directly from signing Mbappe?

Now, Los Blancos can Add Mbappe to the mix. According to the contract he signed 30% of the Frenchman's image rights will be shared with Real Madrid (The same player had 100% ownership while at Paris Saint-Germain).

While the exact amount the attacker earns from the ads has not been made public, it is believed to have been done Somewhere in the region of €30 million ($32.59 million) per year at recent days. That would The club nets about €9 million ($9.78 million) each seasondespite of Mbappé's brand is expected to grow, thus generating more money -Once his career in Spain properly begins.

With that in mind, Real Madrid hopes its new signing and “new” stadium will bring in up to 350 million euros (over $380 million) annually.. The completely refurbished Bernabeu stadium is already coming to fruition, hosting Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concerts among other events, while an NFL match is scheduled for 2025.

Immediately after Mbappe signed on the dotted line, and even before that, Real Madrid started selling Jerseys with his name on the backand they immediately reap the financial rewards of having a global star on their books. It's just the beginning.


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