How many wind tunnel hours do F1 teams have in 2024?

How many wind tunnel hours do F1 teams have in 2024?

Wind tunnel testing is crucial for Formula 1 teams as they develop their cars throughout the season in order to stay competitive.

Testing restrictions existed prior to F1’s intervention, but in a push to implement a more level playing field, the sport brought about more radical changes in 2021.

Now, the further up a team finishes in the Constructors’ Championship results in fewer testing hours for the following campaign, with the figure then reset on June 30 each year.

Red Bull has won the teams’ title twice in the last two years and has therefore had less wind tunnel time than its rivals.

Despite its restrictions, the Milton Keynes-based squad has been able to maintain a front-running position across the last two seasons.

Its wind tunnel run-time will once again be constricted this year while Haas, who ended last year’s championship at the foot of the standings, will have the most hours from the grid.

Below, see how many wind tunnel hours each team has this year.


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