How long will Inter Miami be without Messi and Suárez?

Major League Soccer will not pause during the upcoming Copa America and Olympic Games, meaning Inter Miami faces the difficult task of managing its roster to compete effectively, despite the absence of several key players called up for international duty. Including notable figures such as Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi.

Messi and Suarez in Copa America

'El Pistolero', as he is known, joined Marcelo Bielsa's squad on Sunday 9 June. Suarez is scheduled to participate in his third Copa America tournament. Having previously tasted victory in 2011. Luis expressed his delight at his selection, sharing his excitement: “As always, with the hope and passion that it brings. 'Let's go Uruguay, let's go',” the striker declared in a post shared by the national team.

Messi is already with Lascaloneta, to participate in preparations for the tournament. After the Ecuador match in Chicago. Argentina will return to Miami They will stay until June 13 before heading to Washington for their final friendly match against Guatemala. Since the final of the competition will not be held until July 15, it is possible that the players will be absent for some time.

The Hirons team is preparing for its next match against Philadelphia. They currently sit in eighth place in the Western Conference. Martino will need to make the most of the players available to him to secure the three points and maintain his advantage over the other teams.

Martino prepares without Messi and Suarez

Inter continues to train without its star players as it prepares for its visit to Philadelphia, at Subaru Park on Saturday, June 15 at 18:30 ET, aiming to remain at the top of the Eastern Conference.

The coach expressed his frustration at the lack of players on the team He called for a review of the MLS calendar. He calls for a fairer schedule that takes into account these types of tournaments, where teams have to release their key players to compete in domestic league matches.


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