Have one-off F1 race liveries lost their appeal?

Just a few years ago, fans were begging Formula 1 teams to start running special liveries. Teams have responded well, with special suits being a common theme over the past two seasons.

However, has the pasture become beyond the scope of private designs? Five special liveries have already appeared this season, and the number will rise to six this weekend.

McLaren has unveiled a special livery in honor of Ayrton Senna at this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix. This is McLaren's second one-off livery for the first eight races, with the Woking-based team also using a special design for the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Miami Grand Prix featured three special liveries, with Ferrari, Red Bull and RB all deciding to spice up their looks.

As happened recently, Alpine also launched a special design at the beginning of the 2024 season, featuring pink instead of blue.

Do you like the craze for special skins or are unique designs losing their appeal? Share your opinion in our poll below!


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