Haas detail crucial opportunity Imola will offer

Haas team principal Ayao Komatsu has revealed in detail how the upcoming Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix will be an excellent opportunity to evaluate improvements.

The American team presented updates to the Haas car in both Shanghai and Miami, but since both were on weekends, it did not have the opportunity to run the original car against the new spec for a direct comparison.

Nico Hulkenberg scored one point in the Chinese Grand Prix and followed this performance with two more points in the Florida Sprint. However, Kevin Magnussen's defensive tactics, which helped the team finish last, took attention away from any improvements Haas saw through the development of the car.

Now that the usual weekend format has returned for the upcoming Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Komatsu will be hoping to get a better read on the team's car speed, as there will be three traditional practice sessions instead of just one.

“When we come to Imola, on the non-fast weekend, we will do a proper test,” Komatsu told media including: Racing News 365 In China.

He added: “We have developed the car strongly – I think that is the key, if we want to be able to fight at this point, just on the points margin, or even better – we have to be able to improve the performance.” “The car, it's something we haven't proven yet, so that's what we're focusing on.”

“It's better to hear bad news sooner than later.”

In the first three rounds of the season, Haas has scored more than half of his current total of seven points. In the subsequent three events, including the Chinese Grand Prix, the team gained only three points even though two of them were on the weekend.

However, due to the format, Imola was always going to be the first criterion to reach the team's progress, with Komatsu stressing that this would give it the opportunity to judge the direction of development.

The aim will be for him to discover “sooner rather than later” whether Haas has taken a wrong turn, with the 44-year-old explaining that is why the team has been aggressive in making updates.

“I'm keen to get it right in Imola, to see if what we've been working on is really going in the right direction. Are we getting what we're supposed to or not?” He said.

“If the case is negative, it's better to know the bad news sooner than later, right. That's why we've been developing aggressively, and hopefully we can prove that what we were doing was right.

He added: “But in the worst case, if we prove that what we were doing is not right, we still have a chance to correct it in the middle of the season.”

When asked who Racing News 365 How long can the team continue this level of development? “At the moment, we haven't fully determined it yet, but at the moment we are reaching the middle of the season,” Comasto replied, before budget constraints and preparation for 2025 took priority. .


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