Former Barcelona player responds to story of twin brother impersonating him at Dinamo Bucharest

Former Barcelona and Villarreal defender Edgar Lu has denied reports that his brother is impersonating him at Romanian club Dinamo Bucharest. The story broke over the weekend that his twin brother, Edelino Lu, may be pretending to be him.

Multiple reports emerged claiming that Dynamo were suspicious of Law, who they believed could speak English, and supposedly refused to show them his driving licence. According to MD, the Bucharest-based club has since dismissed the rumors as a false rumour. Their initial story stems from the fact that Dynamo allegedly wanted to give him his license and a subsidized car, while Edgar Law was also injured as a result of an operation on his leg, which they did not know he had undergone.

Edgar Law himself also denied that this was the case for Gigantes, telling Gerard Romero that “the news is fake.” It doesn't exist.

“I would never do anything like that,” Lou explained.

His twin Edelino has had a lesser-known career, moving from Sporting Lisbon's academy to Resende, and last played in Poland. Meanwhile, Edgar has played for clubs such as Lille, Nantes and Trabzonspor since leaving Spanish football, signing for Dinamo last summer on a free.


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