Five Father’s Day F1 gift ideas from GPBox

Even the Abu Dhabi Auto Racing League

Keychains. Not the most unusual Father's Day gift.

But a keyring made from part of the engine used in a Red Bull Formula 1 Grand Prix car… that's more like it.

This is where GPBox comes into play. It's the world's largest marketplace for motorsport fans and enthusiasts, bringing together independent and creative sellers from around the world with unique art and memorabilia products that celebrate everything we love about motor racing.

With not many weeks to go until Father's Day, here are some suggestions for GBox gifts for any motorsport-obsessed dad.

Car parts key rings

Yes, these are really Formula 1 engine components and wiring loom plugs from real Formula 1 cars – complete with certificates of authenticity. Every time your dad starts his car or locks his front door, he'll do so with a little bit of his modern Formula 1 heritage.

Red Bull RB7 Keyring: xmas -driving-gift-copy/?wpam_id=321

Red Bull RB11 Key Ring: xmas -driving-gift-copy/?wpam_id=321

1994 Williams socks

It's also available in the classic Lotus green and yellow, but since this is The Race – home of the Bring Back V10s – it's the mid-'90s livery we were drawn to.

Damon Hill probably wouldn't have completely He beat Michael Schumacher to the 1994 Formula 1 title, but if your dad is still baffled about what happened in Adelaide that year – or has fond memories of Damon's only British Grand Prix win – these Rothmans Williams-inspired socks, based on to that year's Fall/Winter 2016 color scheme – a perfect way to pay tribute to Hill's accomplishments that season… with your feet.

Williams FW 16 Socks:

Pop art print by Charles Leclerc

If your dad is a Charles Leclerc fan, he has something to smile about and cause optimism now for the first time in a while… probably since early 2022. So, now is the perfect time to grab one of these amazing prints of Leclerc's 2022 Ferrari, so he can reclaim Those were the weeks when his hero had an unassailable championship lead and Max Verstappen was firmly on the ropes.

There are editions to suit all budgets and wall sizes, from A4 to huge A0, and a huge range of drivers and other cars from all eras of Formula 1 in artwork in this style.

Leclerc poster:

Screwdriver cutlery

Is it a spoon? Is it a spanner? In fact, both. A nice set of spoons to stir the coffee and then tighten some screws.

tableware screwdriver:

Graffiti art

The huge collection of graffiti art prints available on GBox covers all current Formula 1 drivers, and each one of them is a unique piece.

Lando Norris graffiti art:


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