F1 Podcast: Is Leclerc ready to challenge Verstappen for the title?

Charles Leclerc's ability to fight for the World Championship is the focus of the latest episode of The Race F1 Podcast.

Following his win at the Monaco Grand Prix, Josh Sattel and Ben Anderson join Ed Straw to assess his development as a driver and the strengths and weaknesses he will bring to the World Championship – if that happens either this year or in the future. .

The significance of this Monaco win, his development as a driver, and the meaning of the oft-cited disparity between the number of pole positions (24) and wins (6) are also delved into.

We also think about the role team principal Fred Vasseur has played in helping Leclerc work better with the team and the question of whether Ferrari can actually pose a serious threat to Red Bull in 2024. We also look forward to 2025 and the battle of Leclerc facing off against new teammate Lewis Hamilton.

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