F1 GP Monaco 2024: McLaren pincha a Verstappen: “Seis o siete pilotos ganaran con su coche”

Victoria in Miami, the case of Victoria in Imola, the best that turned into a McLaren round... The Woking team is headed for a long drive for desire and they're getting there, as Charlando's Jeff Zak Brown showed this and that on the tournament podcast, 'Behind the Net'.

“Thank you for six years, seven pilots on the road will see world champions with Red Bull. Given the greatness of the C-Max, one of the best in history, “I don't think we're leading the World Championship with other cars and we won't light up Red Bull at this moment.”Estadounidense confirmed on August 52nd.

“In the end, in every cabo, what people need, the car and the pilot, I don't think you'll go without a star pilot, as much as you need passengers. In the first place, use the car. People always ask me: Is it the car or the pilot? S Ambos”, aade.

This isn't the first time Brown has put pressure on Max, as he will have one week ahead of Norris at the height of the tent. “Creo que Lando puede vencer a Max en una lucha directa”, sure. “I think you will be an impressive person, and you feel that many people will come to Grimmas, for someone else, or for others.”.

“No, the Speed ​​Lady Club has seen that Lando. I'm sure Max is just as fast, and some people haven't even started to get that far. And last time, they'll never know the Jets are in the same car,” he insisted bravely. Los Suyos In the Ferrari Championship, for example, considering that it was not done very oftens.

No match for the first time you join Red Bull, where you all learn about Christian Horner's inside 'case' through involvement. Specifically in Miami, I confirm that many Milton Keynes staff approaches will benefit from other equipment in recent weeks. “Solo the gusta remover Los Temas y agitar”, The answer was precisely from Verstappen.


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