Ex-F1 team boss proposes radical sprint race rule change

Eddie Jordan, former owner of the Formula 1 team, called on Formula 1 to radically change speed racing in Formula 1.

The alternate format has been used on select weekends since 2021, adding an extra race to the event and putting more pressure on drivers and teams with less practice time available.

Jordan, who ran his own Formula 1 team from 1991 to 2005, expressed his aversion to drag racing events – but suggested they could be used to give young drivers a chance to impress.

“There are a lot of young drivers twiddling their thumbs because it's really hard to get in,” Jordan said on Twitter. Success formula Podcast.

“And I've come up with a little scheme. I hate drag racing, I think it's terrible, and it should be banned immediately.”

“However, if we want to keep it, please, could it be sprint races for young drivers who have not completed 10 Grands Prix.”

“Avoid faltering under the pressure of Formula One”

Under current Formula 1 regulations, teams are required to give rookie drivers a free practice opportunity each season.

It provides a valuable opportunity for drivers to add to their Formula 1 experience, with in-season testing having been canceled in recent years.

But David Coulthard, 13-time Grand Prix winner and Jordan's co-host, pointed out that putting them in a racing environment would allow teams to better judge their potential in Formula 1, rather than assess their young careers.

“This will avoid potential young Formula 2 drivers coming up with a full contract and then not being handed over,[Nicholas] Nice, Logan Sargent for now.

“Latifi has not reached the level his Formula career would have shown. Sargent has not reached the same level as Alex Albon.” [at Williams].

“Maybe you could have figured that out in a few sprints, because Formula 1 is completely different to any other formula.

“It's a different pressure, it's a completely different animal. The intensity, the pressure, the lights. Some people just aren't cut out for it.”


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