Europa League: ¿Quién es Lookman? El campeón del mundo ‘anónimo’ de la Atalanta campeona

Ademola Olajade Alade Ayola Lookman (Wandsworth, Inglaterra, 1997) He is a very special player, but in the world, he is experiencing a “renaissance” in the final match against Leverkusen, and he has three goals that destroyed Xavi de Leverkusen’s record. Its name is Ademola, but it can be “Aquemola”, and it contains new stones 29 matches Ha Hicho Una Gran Serie A, A series that includes three consecutive matches in one match against Juventus (3-3).

Lookman, you are an inspiration in Bergamo and you managed to name it after one of the local kids, a curious player. The nation has won in England including the Under-20 World Cup in that country in 2017. Lookman has, in fact, participated in the Under-19, Under-20 and Under-21 international competitions for EnglandHowever, on an absolute level, he could be eyeing the Three Lions and amassing 21 caps and six goals against Nigeria. “The parents are Nigerian sons and have been coming a lot for several years… but they made a difficult decision,” they recognized before their debut in March 2022 with the song “Súper Águilas”.

professional como, He made his debut for Everton in the English Premier League, and was in the Bundesliga with RB Leipzig. He was also “mojo” in the “twitch” in Serie A with Atalanta, but in “La Dea” he was consolidated. The run ended with the new millions of Euros accumulating in the Europa League five times in 11 matches.

Nosy, A England have scored 11 goals in five Premier League spells…until you arrive in Italy, and win, within some weeks of energy, in order to be the first African and choose the “Capocannoniere”. There has never been an African player who has been declared a “Pichichi” among Calcio’s elite.

Yes Ademola Lookman It's not easy for your child to join Charlton Athletic before signing up. “My mother did risky and lively work in an unfavorable area of ​​London. A difficult age because there was no leisure at all. I am coming to a friends house.” Since her mother has become a great reference point: “I have felt what the word sacrifice means, it is very good. I will never ask you for anything out of helplessness.”

Now, with Dia, enjoy success on this Dublin night.


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