Europa League: Fernando monta un Carro de lujo en el Leverkusen: su once vale… ¡400 millones de euros!

HJuly 1, 2018, Fernando Caro has been appointed CEO of Bayer Leverkusen with big ambitions. “The idea is united by the top 20 teams in Europe,” according to Marca.

After a long period of brilliance, he is a Barcelona German education institute and industrial engineer with extensive experience in multinational companies such as Bertelsmann. He joined “Werkself” in the German Bundesliga.

The “Neverkusen” hit is just a foul recovered for the team that You don't know the end in 51 concerts! Liverpool in the Europa League in Dublin could expand the ranks of a team that joins without a quarter-final title when remaining.

Our success is the result of years of work on ambitions such as organizationPlanning, professionalism, improvement… Fernando explainedI installed a car logo.

La Lijada de Rolf

Fernando Caro, Marca: “Xabi Alonso has a contract and plans for the next time”

One of the first decisions taken by the Spanish Tomo was placed in the sports organization in the state of Rudi Föller – the world experience in Germany – Simon Rolfes, Antigua Linda del Club. Caro admitted: “Centamos is based on Rudy, but the best decision would have been to call him Simon as sporting director. He had an unbelievable single file.”

End of the match with Leverkusen

Rolfes: “Bayer Leverkusen's style is similar to the Spanish language”

no Read Rolf Es Clara. “The key is not just good engineers, but also using the best environment, the best fixtures and techniques for the design.” In 2022, he will return to Mannschaft and is General Director of Sports.

Centamos is based on Rudy, but the best decision would be to choose Simon as sports director. He had some amazing stories

Fernando Caro, CEO of Bayer Leverkusen

“Big Data” is also a key game. “We look for specific profiles for each site, look at data and use video. We have a classification area for each site. Check availability and, finally, player analysis,” Rolfes explains.

Part of our strategy is to play young players with great potential and desirable playing time to grow

Simon Rolfes, General Manager of Deportivo del Bayer Leverkusen

In this plan, making promises is key. “This is part of our strategy of playing young players with great potential and desirable playing time to grow,” he stressed. Rolf, who pulled off the big hit with Wirtz, was discovered in a Cologne warehouse when he didn't work for Bayer: “Find out with 13 years and when you have a priority file for me. Traerle gratis fue increíble”.

Reevaluate and balance

Wirtz He is the perfect example of success in the Leverkusen market. At the age of 21, the German has become one of the most famous football players in the world with his bravery, by Transfermarkt, weighing 110 kilograms! There is a tendency to repetition in a plant that does not allow it to be gained and re-evaluated.

Find specific profiles for each site, examining data and video usage

Simon Rolfes, General Manager of Deportivo del Bayer Leverkusen

The time I stepped onto the Aviva Stadium to guide Atalanta to the Europa League final Your cost is 120.7 million, and your actual value is 400! [ver gráfico] Everything, salvo tah, is fixed in the Karoo era. Some free books like Grimaldo and the majority at moderate price like Andrich, Xhaka, Hofmann, Frimpong…

The largest car in Cosono, it costs 23 kilograms, belongs to one of the Belgian leagues, and is one of your favorite caladeros – as well as visiting Boniface – such as Portugal and Sudan. “That's not the secret we love about the Sudanese-American market. It's in the ADN of the club. Our style is similar to the Spanish language,” said Marca RolfesWhat's going on in Hincapie, Palacios…

Moreover, selling accounts. Since 2018, Bayern have generated 329.65 million footballers and 291.54 million from the sale of Havertz (80), Diaby (55), Pele (32)… “Applying the principle of balance,” based on Caro.

Apuesta de Xabi Alonso

Leverkusen had five technical talents – Herrlich, Bosch, Wolff, Sewani and Alonso Con Caro, but they only knew Xavi. “The decision to make in 2022 is a decision between Wenning – representative of Bayer Farmacéutica – and Rolfes y Yo.”The CEO explained.

Xavi will follow him for a long time. Vimos grandes dots de leadership, management and the clear football idea you want

Fernando Caro, CEO of Bayer Leverkusen

“We follow a similar process to select players. Get on the 'Explore' method and get a list of the profiles you could have. We'll follow you from then on. V”We have great points in leadership and management and a clear idea of ​​football that we want.” Caro details.

Alonso helped Leverkusen get another goal, won the first German League in the triple round. “The relationship with Xavi is a win-win, a perfect balance.” Diego Caro. One action.


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