Eurocopa 2024: Los rbitros explicarn las decisiones clave a los capitanes en la EURO

Modern ftbol is very difficult. Between 200 and 250 decisions are made per match, a decision is made every 22 seconds, difficult and controversial situations are played over and over again, with a large number of decisions presented, each one analyzed and observed by many people by enthusiasts and experts.

Queremos rbitros con una a strong personality that makes and takes decisions (what should be

This can be unpopular around the game, but at the same time, we want to open up the lady and explain what correct decisions we should make.

. Get loads of information about Video Assistant (VAR), we talk to them and share details with players and coaches to help you make a decision.

The issue of player and coaches behavior is very important in football.

Coaches in the fair game are at the UEFA EURO 2024 symposium in April, and will be one of the hottest topics at the recent UEFA Council meeting in Nyon. The coaches as much as the players have contributed to great satisfaction and support our new factory as a common goal in the game.

It is impossible to explain a decision with 22 players

. If it could cause a rupture in communications, then it would be worth it to see so much power so quickly that all the world would agree is bad for the image of football.

The responsibility must be shared between players and bosses to protect the image of the game at Euro 2024.

Some decisions, of course, will always be negotiable

. However, there is an intention to improve the current situation, with UEFA wanting referees to explain their decisions for all selections that will compete in the next edition of Euro 2024.

Prime Minister Lou Haremos? The idea is clever: direct all the choices making sure your head is the little player who can play with the player

. They must ensure that their teammates will never arrive or ride, allowing them to have direct conversations so that the decision is conveyed in an appropriate and respectful manner.

It is important for the team leader to think about a decision that can be made routinely

. It is the president's responsibility to ensure that his partners respect each other, keep their distance and not remain distant. Any comparison that ignores your head card and/or search for power that shows any sign of misrepresentation or loss of respect will be made up for. Obviously, if the captain is a keeper, you should design a fielder who can continue playing in the event that he produces an incident in the extreme against the playing field.

Activate officials so they open their conversations with leaders to create a healthy environment among all parties

. It allows you to create great trust with the players and instantly demonstrate the kind of leadership that modern officials require. UEFA's specialist refereeing team, by all means, reunites with each of the 24 players to talk about these details and share this information with the players.

Adopting this group and enabling players to achieve high-quality arbitrage increases in our competitions and the best participants so that contestants and lovers can enjoy it during the storm.

If we can facilitate a constructive dialogue between players, equipment heads, and all staff members, we will leave a positive legacy for the future of Royal Sport, the game everyone loves.

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