El Hormiguero: Nathy Peluso se abre con Pablo Motos: “Sentir que no encajaba en la vida me dio fuerza y me hizo salir hacia delante”

“El Hormiguero” The week began with a visit to the song and the author Nathi Peluso. The artist, born on the 12th of 1995 in the Argentine city of Lugen, presented her new job, which earned her the title “Grasa” And what a must-have between rap music and cool tropical sounds and genres. The Disco will play La Luz East Viernes, on May 24th.

Grasa is the debut album by Nathy Peluso from Calambre, which will be released in October 2020.He was working and decided to research what to do“, explained the call of Pablo Mutu, who continues his questioning about the tulle.“The wonderful word has a mountain of interpretations and connotations, and for this reason, it is a word that represents me, Because the ultimate goal is that this speech reminds me of how I feel from this journey. Adams, graça semper fue funky. All places of life are well present“, I got Nathi Peluso, who got 15 videos.” It has got movie and long form visual format and each can contain a video clip. The magic is that it is very theatrical, which is the case of every plan being safe and Everything in one space, the characters that change…it's history“, ha explicado.la lujanense

Nathy Peluso presents “Grasa” and “El Hormiguero”Atresmedia

After the pause of the media announcement, Pablo Mutu pointed out that Nathy Peluso appeared at the door of “Grasa” without a cinematic dress for the appearance and with her large Melina that meets her thickness, but with three pants at a time. “It is a declaration of intent. I have lots of pictures to show, but choose this one because it best reflects my fear. In some moments in life, you will enjoy seeing the vision and thinking about who you are. Yo quera invitar a la gente a mi casa a que me conociera, Coming in, doing his best and doing his best. I think this picture was like an intimate lady“, the artist was devastated 29 years ago.

Pablo Mutu commented that “Grasa” is a long time disco which Nathy Peluso showcased. “I thought it was a natural reflection of learning and growth. It is an analysis, a reflection, indirectly, if he is sincere, if he is thinking about what he is writing“, the interview made it clear that the El Hormiguero band leader wondered if his employer had achieved success.” My carcter me hace vivir las cosas que tengo que vivir. Always domineering, but he has a real quality to him And you don't want to cooperate in order to pass or not get a bill. This fact comes from the place where you are“, ha competition la argentina.

Nathy Peluso acknowledges the big change in her life

The presentation of the entertainment space atremedia It will be emanated from the moon for young people starting at 21.45 hours Antenna 3 I wanted to know what was invited for the first time in the week that was announced at one of the events that she had no secret of in life. “I'm not talking about Chiquita, who doesn't wonder if people are looking forward to it. The pageant has become a play or contest that uses a way of thinking, perceiving or feeling interesting things. This means that I have little truth, but I have the truth that I am strong, I can make it happen. You interpret the reality of the days as something negative and feel that this is all you have to live to turn into what it is“Nathi Peluso mused.

Requena has ruined the experience of a piece of “Grasa” as he said”When it comes to freedom, where you live with freedom“I asked the invitation to explain this phrase.” When love turns into a child, they feel anxious together, not moving forward, carrying a cart… We have been through many, many moments in life. Make sure this is an alarm to report the matter. Well, I don't learn how I've been through so much and so much and I feel like it's life learning,” Nathy Peluso explained.This complicadsimo soltar, But that's why he had cancer to make people feel and lead them to strength. This is done in order to make music, as people feel like they are rooting for a friend or friend who does not live with them at any given time. You can't eat it in Tiene. This is the mission of music. I ha pasado with songs, including mas songs, que las escucho y me siguen enseando cosas,” I agree.

Nathy Peluso's Reflection on Love and Freedom in “El Hormiguero”Atresmedia

After watching the video of “Aprend a amar”, one of the themes of “Grasa”, Pablo Mutu announces that he has another cancer, which he calls “Manhattan”, and he talks about “haters”. “No, if he got involved, but One if his Armando was to live in this context, in this ecosystem that we have now as a society Any test at another moment might be in another way. You know someone might lean in and be part of the learning“Definitely Nathi Peluso.

Nathy Peluso sings part of “Envidia”

Nathy Peluso sings part of “Envidia” in “El Hormiguero”Atresmedia

Well, you don't know what you're feeling, you don't know. This cannot be the nadi understanding nor last this time by creating all this, repenting, and recognizing I feel a lot of emotion, I'm attracting electrical energy to the body that… I don't have any nervousness, it's just something that doesn't occur to me. Send Nonka Algo Tan Poderoso. I don't agree with others who are enjoying this trip in Mexico; es como si un tren bala me insidera por un pie y me saliera por la nariz. It's very strong“, he captioned a visual of Nathi Peluso singing live part of “Envidia”, from the themes of “Grasa”.

Nathy Peluso explores his mind in “El Hormiguero”

Nathy Peluso enjoyed a story and a t-shirt by Pablo Mutu, who continues his curiosity by seeing if he has something. “Depends what. To create a great passion because I love to excel, I wonder about that. It's a big part of my personality, all the time being creative. It seems to me that it is in the details and in the smallest things that excellence is achieved and the work continues. He's a little obsessive, so he's a little nervous to look up these details“, she admitted to the neighborhood, which in order to end the interview, she realized that now you have an obsession every time you visit a hotel.”Now you are on the subject of the Almohads. Now you are with comfortable rest It's contractual, it's estresada, and it's important to me. Entonces, mi Chica me dijo que llevara mi almohada ergonmica en la valija,” I recognized the finishing touches.

Nathi Peluso was turned into a convict for 'Voice of Review'

Nathi Peluso was turned into a convict with “Voice of Review” and “El Hormiguero.”Atresmedia

Nathi Beloso Alusina with animated statues… Get creative with the chat!

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