El Hormiguero: Beln Rueda rememora su pique con otro coche del que se bajaron cuatro hombres: “Me podan haber partido la cara”

“El Hormiguero” You have completed another week with the actress's visit Belen slowlyWhich he presented “Cada libre”, a movie that starts in cinemas in Viernes, on May 17. Life translator to champion, ultra-light and independent gym trainer. El da que discovers that your marriage has been abandoned to take back your life at the hands of a young lady, resulting in her departure, her world will regain her patience.

Pablo Mutu arranged an interview with Belén Rueda about “Cada Libre,” a film produced by Juan Antonio Bayona that is not horror, but the film is very tense. “La vida te da Situation ms Terrorficas que el Terror al que estamos acostumbrados in public films,” opened the big TV show that continued to sing the film. “My character, Marisol, is a woman who has self-control and discipline. She is a lightweight gymnastics coach who is good at everything, although in this part, professionally, she is good, while she lasts 25 years on the personal level Sue Marido and I consider that everything is fine, but “There are a lot of things in life that are true and a lot of times it presents things that you don’t expect,” and she drew your attention to Madrid. “The film believes that it is impossible to control life, that discipline is not everything because there is no perfection, and that a point of weakness, in a moment of time, can allow you to reach the depths of strength, where there are different options, que son salir o quedarte ah.” I have accepted the invitation.

The leader of “El Hormiguero” saw that he was confusing weakness with weakness and wanted to leave it clear that it is not the same thing as being weak. “Vulnerability seems to always be associated with people, as you seem to show weakness to them, but my character is that the person does not allow himself to feel vulnerable and does not offer the same, because he believes that this is imperfect,” and this is vulnerability, but vulnerability allows communication,” explained Belen. Rueda. Pero si no saber cules son sus ilmites, en cuanto algo se sale del camino que tena trazado, se pierde.”, I loved the 59-year-old actress.

Belén Rueda is a very calm woman when she is in a hurry. Pablo Mutu wondered about Pique, who was the protagonist along with another conductor. “Iba por la M-40 y un care me hizo una pirula, as que hice un extrao and hice un gesto como 'de qu vas'. Entonces, bamos por un tnel, fren y dije: 'Este se va a poner chulo conmigo “. t, que casi haces que me estampe'. 'Anda, tira para tu casa.' A gesture of loss, so as not to be late for it, so that others can leave, but as if they are losing, you do not know how to respond to the continuation of your life,” Haaaaido.


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