El gran misterio de la Frmula 1 sigue sin resolverse 20 aos despus

Hl deporte tambin has its case unsolved, its great mysteries, its interrogation marks open but there will be no danger, its secrets well guarded. Some of them do not affect the limited competitive aspect as they do at the same time. For example, the secret of Formula 1. It has been 20 years, these young people leave behind the sword, because the Grand Prix is ​​fighting on May 23, 2004, and continue without knowing that the demons do not contain this diamond that they found. Jaguar front-runner Christian Klien leads to Monaco. As the girl wants to coincide with a new lesson for the Principado race, the charming lady of the Mondial, she does not bring the success that two tens in the Lewis curve will achieve, sexta in one circle, El Principado, which is calculated with two cases of contracts. Appreciation Los Centorones…

As a pilot, don't import if you have a diamond in your car. What you're thinking about is doing well shouldn't be too focused on other things. Y ms si cabe en Mnaco, un GP que siempre has vista por televisin“. Klein was in 2004 a rookie in the Grand Circus, a result of the Frmula 3 Euroseries, where he had a sub-camp, becoming the title leader of Jaguar, and the team team with Mark Webber thanks to the financial support of Red Bull. Nacido en Hoheness, near the border with Switzerland Or Germany, Austria started in kart racing, like many others, and it takes off in particular in developments led by Ayrton Senna, like many others ser la sexta carrera en his temporada de estreno, after installing dcimo, un dcimo, dos decimocuartos and Un leave the previous one, the place in the Mundial apenas certificara three points, the conseguidos gratias a sexto in Belgium, pero conviene center in the week of Monte Carlo.

If you go to the car that jams like this to Montecarlo

Christian Klin (expiloto de F1)

Since Jaguar was an ambitious team in the sport, they certainly managed to make their impact on what the market respected. However, the close geographical area (about 50 km) and the coincidence of floods (from the 14th to the 25th) with the Cannes Film Festival facilitated a promotional action very similar to what had been previously conceived with 'Terminator 3' in the Grand Premio Great Bretaa… It was not undertaken afterwards Filming of the film and Arnold Schwarzenegger's table in the Green Square. The new project is a lot of everything continent-wise and content-wise, with Steven Soderbergh delivering a brilliant film called “Ocean's Twelve.”with an impressive set (anticipating the accumulation of large stars in the tearing of the Escudera and its pilots) and with an argument in the tearing of the world of gems (it will settle the origin of the idea).

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The campaign does not end with diamonds embedded in the bodywork of Weber and Klein cars While George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon (as well as a large cast of the show that includes several Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Andy Garca, and Bruce Willis) travel by Manaco to complete corresponding photo shoots. In boxes. We do not deal with any diamonds: Steinmetz Diamonds is a globally recognized name in the world itself, through expertise in cutting, manufacturing, distribution and marketing. La valoracin euro rondaba los 300.000 per piece. They teach them that they are training for training. They thought they were correcting the GP. Not once did pilot tests take place in your mind among your comrades…but many people had something to do. Desgraciadamente para casi todos ellos, do not delay in demonstrating.

Webber and Klein respectively occupy the decimal number and the decimal number in the exit barrier dominated by the Renault Trulli, the pole for and Alonso, between them they can enter the button bar. This is the moment when the World Cup became dominant at the hands of Michael Schumacher, who won the first five rounds, but these exercises display a real weakness as they are imitated by abandoning the beginnings of change that not everything the world can conquer months after the tournament. The truth is that there is a lot of money in your home… and for the rest of the day you have the right to do it.

With the Fairmont Hotel as a legendary retreat, Loews walks along the curving road and along this circle (he can decide that all circles are 180-degree turns), but Klein can't get the better of him even once. Her first flight may be the opposite, as she admits in the first pilot that she will arrive at Montblaza before time. Strictly when escaping speed with what is going on at the moment, the accident happened that one day he escaped in the car and he was not drivingFor which he gives up the area while the Intervention Commissioners tow the car and some photographs from the photos.

At this moment, I should be preoccupied with the car or the pilot, but I must admit that my thoughts might be on the diamond“, confessed Nav Sidhu, who looks like he is carrying a Jaguar. The characteristics of the car have removed a significant impact on the pavement and the video review that follows in the direction of the curve of the customer's next car Ah… not so then, a secure area inaccessible to the equipment has been rolled back , due to the characteristics of the circuit, resulting in the Grand Prix finish, three hours before that, and the soul that lost the car in order for Sato to cause an accident when they were surrounding Fisichella and Coulthard, are delivered to Klien, just when a bad move is sent To Jaguar and Webber, who return their box with the diamonds intact.

Eventually, with the squad certifying Trulli's victory in a flight that finishes the first three pilots, and after the first three are completed in the same flight, the Escudera figure can be automatically ready. There's nothing, Comprobaron. Searching for something if you're interested in it, but there's nothing there. Tambuco was disintegrated, creating an absolute accident of this degree. It simply happened. “Alguien aqu se ha llevado algo ms que un recuerdo de carreras de motor,” admits Mr. Sidhu, who is the first to point out potential friends of his. “If you come to see Ms. car that jams like this for Montecarlo,” Promia Clean. Han Basado is 20 years old and no longer has a saber. I will not be able to carry out comprehensive investigative missions like what happens from the “F1 On The Edge” podcast Serveron for anyone who collects first-hand testimonials, in the end and every nightmare for all rationally experienced people there is no guilt. O sinners!

Luego is security. Lo de la valta del the same thing, concretely. Neither Steinmetz nor Jaguar have canceled the official warranty checks between the parts, but it is all precisely because of the mistake of the official settlement, and not a form of CIFRA recouping some of the diamond consumption.What do you want me to make a mystery? Months later, Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, financier and owner of the beverage company Red Bull, announced a final purchase of Escudera for $1. Jaguar has already been dealt with. Which was at the origin of the team that, 20 years later, joined the great circus that brings together racing pilots and builders.

Everything is fine just like in a car engine restoration

Nav Sidhu (Jaguar during the 2004 World Cup)

All you have to do is get many results, but with some results. “Ocean's Twelve” went out to theaters and grossed nearly $360 million (each of “Ocean's Thirteen” continues in the same way it returns to “Ocean's Eleven,” all with the three actors joining Mnaco). Beny Steinmetz was indicted by the Ginebra court and considered certified criminals to explore their adventures. A Formula 1 car is on a roll of incredibly precious rocks, with Spaniard Fernando Alonso among them, and then, throwing flakes into his helmet, he crashes into this case of a McLaren… The video sigui, in the end, then nunca volvi to have a diamond perdido aquel. The passage of time turns success into a relationship of suspense that may not write the final point. This week is all about the accelerator in Monaco. Good moment to hire investigators…

Alonso wants to play… he has to be with Ralph

The year 2004 was the second World Cup in which Fernando Alonso qualified for Formula 1. Initially, he won a grand prix for only 22 years (Hungary, 24 August 2003), and it did not happen again, but in any case his results with Renault show the consistency with which Advertised by the double back section. The Nano finished the round in the fourth quarter of the pilots' classification, collecting 59 points and placing on the podium on four occasions, second in France and third in Australia, Germany and New Hungary. The Monaco aboard the Diamond Carriage was one of five abandoned, following an incident with Ralf Schumacher while touring the tunnel area. Alonso, who continued in Marchapa II, criticizes the scientist's activity: “Estamos Muchos Pilotos jugndonos la vida en un Circuito como ste para que un idiot acabe con tu carrera. Tendran que Quitarle la License que no corriera ms en su vida.” The first era in which it evolved will not be the last.


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