El Girona, tranquilo y confiado en jugar la Champions League

Girona were less than a minute away from playing in the Champions League, but the good team in Michel is not thinking that the team will not compete in Europe while they are in it.. As the club's assets and properties, consolidated by the City Football Group, which owns 47% of Girona's clubs and more, are working to join UEFA and save the requirements imposed by the regime to escape. Conflicting interests exist between the many different equipments that play their competitions.

In this aspect, among the club's internal members, they will continue to have the utmost calm to save the obstacles in the form of necessity that the European Football Association – every time with Ms. Durezza – makes.. Yes, there are cases or examples of other stakeholders who have interests in different clubs that have played maximum competition in Europe or other competitions organized for football.

City reduces its ability to make decisions and actions at the Catalan club. Some of their trust men cede their authority on the board and the group gets a significant portion of the 47% of the actual transactions it receives or sells through a third package, with independent decision-making. If the City Football Group sells the total of its activities, when you take one step behind a slope, the legends of Girona players will be fully prepared, this selection has now been canceled for work and other things for you to connect the players in an independent way to the CFG.

At the entrance to the city, Girona maintains its athletic structure here With a sports director who employs Casey Diez Aos in shipping, with a boss and independent workers in the group.


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