Eden Hazard Boldly Ranks Himself Above Ronaldo, Says He’s Second Only to Messi

Former Real Madrid and Chelsea star Eden Hazard made some shocking claims, comparing himself to football greats Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

In the realm of football, few debates are as contentious as those surrounding the best players of all time. Eden Hazard, a name synonymous with skill, flair, and a career that spanned clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid, has recently sparked a fresh wave of discussions. 

Hazard’s candid reflections on his career and his place among football’s elite offer a unique lens through which to view the ever-evolving narrative of greatness in football.

Hazard’s Tribute to Messi

According to Barca Universal, Eden Hazard’s admiration for Lionel Messi is both profound and telling. In a series of interviews, Hazard has candidly placed Messi above all, including himself, highlighting the unique talent that Messi brought to the field. 

According to Hazard, Messi’s ability on the ball was unparalleled, making him virtually “unplayable” and “the greatest player in history”​​​​. Hazard’s perspective is not just a testament to Messi’s skill but also to the Belgian’s own understanding of footballing greatness.

What sets Hazard apart is his self-awareness. While acknowledging Messi’s superiority, Hazard also offered insights into his own career, including the challenges he faced. His tenure at Real Madrid, though dreamt of since childhood, was marred by injuries and a playing style that perhaps didn’t fully align with his own. Yet, his reflections on this period lack bitterness, instead offering a nuanced understanding of his journey through the heights of professional football​​, as per Get Football

Hazard’s Lifestyle

Hazard’s commentary on his lifestyle, particularly his diet and preparation, breaks the mold of the traditional athlete narrative. His rejection of stringent dieting and preference for enjoying life’s pleasures speaks to a broader philosophy of balance and happiness, diverging from the more ascetic approaches of contemporaries like Cristiano Ronaldo​​.

Hazard compares himself to Messi

In discussing his own legacy, Hazard navigates the complexities of comparison within the sport. His acknowledgment of Messi’s superiority does not diminish his own achievements but rather places them within a larger context. Hazard’s career, marked by incredible highs at Chelsea and a challenging stint at Real Madrid, reflects a journey characterized by both brilliance and human vulnerability.

Hazard’s reflections also challenge the binary of success and failure, offering a more nuanced view of a footballer’s career. His willingness to discuss the less glamorous aspects, from the struggle with injuries to the weight of expectations at Real Madrid, adds depth to our understanding of what it means to be a top athlete​

Eden Hazard’s candid reflections offer a rare glimpse into the mind of a footballer who has experienced the game at its highest levels. By placing Lionel Messi above himself, Hazard not only pays homage to a fellow great but also invites us to consider the broader narratives of skill, success, and personal fulfillment in football. Hazard’s career is a reminder that greatness in sport is not just about trophies and accolades but also about the human stories of ambition, challenge, and joy.


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