Ducati cree que la remontada de Marc Mrquez “cuenta como una victoria”

Gigi Dall'Agna, The consejero delegado del Departamento de carreras de Ducatianalysis sosegadamente el French Grand Prix of Motorcycles. We have a lot of motivation to be satisfied, and our bikes can occupy the first four fields and dominate everything at the end of the week.

El gur 'ducatista' comes hablando de ese podero 'rosso'. “The Ducati Quattro is in the top four, in the top seven… an amazing run for our equipment and one model. Lost people in the world, But the masked lady is what she really is on the path between the spado and the domino, she confirms Great post que todos nuestros Equipos estn haciendo por las motos y los Pilotos,” she begins on her brand’s website.

Elogius by Jorge Martin

The Italian executable is executed through definition order. “United nations Superbio Martin His speed doubled in a hugely successful and exciting Sprint race when he decided to run through an intense battle to speed up the final curve. Go fast and steady as always, so that you get the moment, and continue and maintain the drive, preventing not only aggression, but also with one Perfect competitive persistence“, a company.

Growth of Marc Marquez

The high cross-alpine steering did not raise the grandiose ferries Marc Marquez His growth has been very significant in tracks like Campaign. “Marquez has confirmed the brilliant progress that has been made, Sos Passos de GiganteDucati climbed from 13th place from the redemption barrier quickly in the conquest of the second arena, which Quinta como una victoria. Now he keeps going, swinging across the platform. With one Carrera Suberbia“Repeat the second part of the login, via a deceptive taxonomy trick,” Advertisement.

Nemo in Bagnaia

El Dirigente de Borgo Panigale cuida to his Camp, Pico bagnaya. “Biko, as an excellent product of what he has learned, is a protagonist who goes through a great conflict and defends himself vigorously, without everything, attacking and defending himself. No hospitality camp qsafter the final approval of the first reforms of Martin and Luigo de Márquez. A clearly mediocre resultBut in reality, in the course of a long and demanding campaign for everyone, no son makes an easy effort, when he knows what he is capable of. Basic“, Salt.

Content by Bastianini

This is the correct opinion Ena Bastianini She spoke about her condition and was not beaten for her spear with Aleix Espargar. “An important consequence I must bear in calculating the penalty I must inadvertently, in my opinion, impose. Hubiera podido luchar por el primer puestoThis hub is just a place where the place is at the same time vuelta rcord “De la carrera marcada en las ultimas vueltas”, always.

A message of despair

Gigi sent a message of appreciation to the enthusiasts. “We all enjoyed our cool cars, equipment, pilots, technology, colors and accessories. Mi ms sincere agradecimiento a todos. Rojo Ducati!”conclusion.


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