Dovbyk avisa para la Eurocopa

Ukraine is the list. Selection of Lunine, Dovbeck and their company seeks to strike copper in Germany along with Belgium, Slovakia and Romania. A group that aspires to join the European Union, but knows the options for continuing to thrive in the euro. Post “sparring” for a while Moldova, which drove a survival push from Ukrainians into the city and lost a huge 0-4 victory.

Decide on all the cards related to the table He was a player in the European Cup and entered the important men who did not feature in the first match against Bologna. This is the situation Andrey Lunin (the Madridista portal will be less than a spectator in Chisinau), Mykhailo Modric, Viktor Tsygankov and Roman Yaremchuk. Artem Dovbek, by contradiction, is part of the monarchy against the Pulako and the Survey From the beginning before Moldavus. Saldría in the segunda Parte to pay for it.

Ukraine, which already boasts 22nd place in the FIFA rankings, finished in 153rd place with cars. A radical difference is the rectangular game plasma from the first exchanges. So the Rabbitohs only need two minutes to play 0-0 at the start. The charge that opens the Veda Voi Yaremchuk. Matviendo was given a ball with no clear thread and exploded in an assist due to a miscalculation by Bahbulo, the local defender. The room that opens the Valencia door with a single touch and then delivers a click with the zarda is very unconventional, but very effective, It is in the fondo of Las Malls.

Los de Rebrov has become a major competitor to the valuable opposition by Mudryk Electric and the Tsygankov and Yaremchuk movement, as well Events do not accumulate in one day To stimulate the 0-2 and the light. Yaremchuk is the one looking more for a new conversion in the first 20 minutesBut Raylene's big show was bad. The formwork is installed in its area within a 5-4-1 plan, creating spaces to avoid the flourishing of visitors' creativity. The plan to sow an uncomfortable scenario for the Ukrainians aims to finish Kaindo in a full round.

The bad news for Ukraine's friend was published in the media during game time. Mykolenko received two very successful rounds on the surface and remained a substitute for Zinchenko. Looking to know is how sad the Everton defender is. In contrast, anyone can have good results at the European Championship, without absolutely changing the direction of this friend. It's just that a film that highlights Ukraine and Moldova might be better able not to defend themselves.


Before leaving, the local areas move forward, in addition to not looking forward to Lunin's appetizers, leaving other spaces. A fatal mistake allowed Tsygankov to photograph a valuable piece on the front side of the area with Sudakov, tackle it and outline it in bold at long range, which is impossible for Railean. The part was before the judging and settled for 45 minutes of testing for Ukraine and other groups of Calvary and the intention of resistance to Moldova.

El Paso por la casita terrace, Rebrov decided to dosing in Yaremchuk (buena actuación la del delantero valencianista) To enter the first-class pichichi, Artem Dovbek. Girona takes off against Bologna and falls to Tambuco in its home city of the round on this occasion. Levaba is only four minutes from the green when he is received in a legal position, a filtered move from Sudakov, chipping him for par and sinking a home run with a short and second on Palo Curto. Dovbek, in a goal-per-match dynamic, has been charged for Napoli and Atletico Madrid's crowning glory during their run.

But it's not just the deadly edge of the portal, she also masters the art of helping. Not there, that's been the number of plays this year in the top flight. Five minutes after Markar, Dovbek was generous in getting rid of Kara Sudakov, That's what happens as an exhalation in the car. Shakhtar football player, competing with Raylian, He performed the generated template within a quarter of an hour at the concert.

all of this, Lunin seguía por ahí passando full inadvertido debido to the nula production of Moldova. He was just great in the final tramo. First, receipt un disparo a quemarropa de Postolachi. El Guardameta del Madrid, very safe, number 1-4 in '17' local. After Kaymakov develops into a strong test, but he gets a full blow. The full moon and the part of the language with some friction that does not happen most of the time.

However, without suffering and good feelings, Ukraine goes to Germany to play a huge torrent of choices by destroying the World Cup in Qatar. Dovbek, the first Pichichi, seems most prepared for the occasion. Unlike Moldova, Girona '9' was seen again.

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Oleksandr Zinchenko (30', Vitaly Mikulenko) Virgilio Postolacci (45' Artur Ioneta) Mikhail Kaymakov (45' Vitaly Damascene) Victor Cetina (45', Nichita Motpan), Artem Dovbek (45' Roman Yaremchuk) Nikki Klesenko (61' Ion Nicolaescu) Victor Modrak (61', Vicheslav Bosmac) Volodymyr Brajko (68' Taras Stepanenko) Andrey Yarmolenko (68', Viktor Tsihankov), Oleksandr Zubkov (69', Mykhaylo Modric). Victor Bogasyuk (78', Vadim Ratta), Ruslan Malinovsky (78', Mykola Shaparenko)


0-1, 2': Yaremchuk0-2, 43': Tsygankov0-3, 49': Dovpik0-4, 54': Sudakov


Referee: Andre Civoletti
Yarmolenko (73', Amarilla), Jochim Konoplia (84', Amarilla)


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