‘Don’t try it’ — Endrick’s older girlfriend reportedly BANS him from having online girlfriend after signing contract

The Real Madrid-bound Brazilian star has allegedly been tied up again, months after signing a contract with his girlfriend.

Months after Indrek and Gabriele Miranda signed a dating contract, more details have now emerged about the mutual agreement between the young couple.

This week, reports emerged that Indrick was banned from having a virtual girlfriend in Rockstar's popular video game Grand Theft Auto.

Indrik and Gabriele Miranda looked loved-up in their latest campaign photoshoot.

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Indrik was banned from having a girlfriend in GTA

Endrick JTA

Endrik has already played his last match for Palmeiras Credit: Instagram

According to reports, the ban came after the influencer and nutrition student Gabriele Miranda, 21, was asked about the terms of the relationship contract she signed with the 17-year-old Palmeiras star.

Gabriele Miranda

Indrik and his girlfriend Gabriele Miranda signed a relationship contract | Credit: Instagram

When asked if Indrik could play GTA RP and have a girlfriend in the game, even if it was virtual, she reportedly replied: “Never! Never. I would never accept that!”, according to the Daily Mail.

Gabriele Miranda

Gabriele Miranda is Indrik's girlfriend Credit: Instagram


Indrik, a 17-year-old Palmeiras boy, has more than 9.1 million followers on Instagram | Credit: imago

GTA RP is a remake of the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto Online that encourages players to role-play “in real life” and attract girlfriends as characters.


Role playing in the game GTA V | Credit: x

weeks ago, Pulse sport He reported that the contract Endrick and his girlfriend signed prohibited them from having romantic relationships with anyone else outside of their relationship.

Gabriele Miranda

Indrik and his partner Gabriele Miranda | Credit: Instagram

Indrik and his girlfriend Gabriele Miranda

Indrik and his girlfriend Gabriele Miranda | Credit: Instagram

However, Indrik is still allowed to go out with his buddies without her.

The 17-year-old Seleção star will join Real Madrid this summer, with his girlfriend reportedly still undecided over whether she will move to Europe to join him on his new adventure.

Gabriele Miranda: Get to know Indrik's girlfriend who joined Real Madrid and who is older than him

Endrik is one of the biggest talents in football at the moment, and is also winning off the field, with his beautiful but older girlfriend Gabriele Miranda always there to act as a support system.

INDRICK: Details of a 17-year-old's dating contract with Gabriele Miranda emerge amid concerns over wedding plans

Palmeiras FC's teenage star, Indrik, revealed that he had signed a “relationship contract” with his older girlfriend.

I love you but my family doesn't love you - Indrek, 17, is ready to marry an older girlfriend but faces objection

Indrik and his girlfriend Gabriele Miranda reportedly planned to get married just four months after they started dating amid concerns from his family.


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