De las lgrimas a la fiesta: la despedida de Luis Daz y su padre de Jrgen Klopp

HPasado Domingo May 19, In the last round of the 2023-24 English Premier League, Liverpool received the Anfield team against Wolverhampton and won 2-0, leaving third place in the position table.. Peru ms all de so, fue el The final part of Jurgen Klopp's leadership In the club that played 9 seasons and won 8 titles (English Premier League, Spanish League Cup twice, FA Cup, Charity Shield, Champions League, European Super Cup, Club World Cup).

Peru for Colombia has a special importance for recent years with Klopp in the red team because Fue el que eligi a Luis Daz in order to go to the middle of the 2022-23 season From the first moment, he was one of your men who trusted you. Including, foy The one who stays in the club and joins the home of the demolisher who is in charge of your adaptation in England..

What's the matter with you, MS All de Tenerlo, as my name is, is a non-negotiable defender of press machinesMark, what does the relationship between Klopp and Lucho mean? Support, responsiveness and unrestrained trust, while the extreme Colombians face securing their door, Luis Manuel DazIt was as if Tom in Colombia was both a painting and a response to the liberation of “the man”:

It is so, since you have moments to share with all your family members, that is good and that is happiness, for the whole family, because it is together, and everything is good in this moment… The club helps a lot and that's very nice. Continuing all the bad things in the situation, nothing good, all the group reaction and that's really good. Now you are here, cute and good combination of small things, admired by the family.

Papa Louis Daz hates Jurgen Klopp and sends an emotional message

After the unfortunate safety in Colombia, I enjoyed traveling to England, for the safety and tranquility of “Lucho” inside the equipment, There is a large presence of Mr. Luis Manuel Daz in training and red parties. And different opportunities Most of them turn to the players, the coaching staff and the integration of the institute.

But some photos and videos with Klopp are going viral and getting noticed The felicidad del progenitor del extremeo de la seccin Colombia. For this reason, we mean what Klopp means for his title in this giant of the world football championship, as his feelings of desperation are expressed through an Instagram post:

Thank you very much to God and Professor Jurgen Klopp, for receiving the genius Luis Daz Balzos. Your friends will be happy and you will be here for more. Well, we're so sad it's you, but we're one of the big ladies. Klopp, calling you in the heart

Yes, with passion “Gracias por aceptar a Luis y Dios te Bendiga!”Watch Mane's message, as the mother and the footballer come out with one voice: “Eres el mejor!”.

Louis Daz and Jurgen Klopp are desperate, at the end of the match

In the match, which Liverpool won on time, he was awarded the title and would be substituted for 70 minutes, and came off through applause, but The special lady went to Klopp, who looked to the edge of the pitch to make an appearance. After using one of the phrases, she will present you with a gesture of pain such as happiness and Colombian acceptance, which will make the bank scream.

At night, in Liverpool's outer-city festival of despair, some images emerge from the Balinese and share with the Colombian. Note that The good environment in the group is a product of Klopp's personality, but with Daz and his American partners they have a special connection.

But then, discovering that the despair was surely over, Luis Daz shared his social relationships with an emotional text, accompanied by photographs of his life in place with his mentor.:

There are people who cannot explain words with words. No matter how much anyone else intends, they cannot capture all of Jurgen Klopp's greatness in a text. It's special to just understand words. Our teacher enjoys everyone's life and gets the privilege of working with l. The place is much and unknown. I would like to share thanks for everything that you have decided in order to wish your family to be better in the future

Hi-Q Recorder-Q Luis Daz is a humble strip builder in Colombia, all his life in Colombia and in the humid climate of the Caribbean, El Paso in Porto has been a major change, but remains in a coastal context and surrounds the nearby sea. Without the ban, the big era in England and Jurgen Klopp would have been a huge sham Adaptation and process are very good, but they can frustrate manyWhich ends up happening or not affects the extreme changes of this type.


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