Crowe brothers complete brace of TT sidecar wins

Even the Abu Dhabi Auto Racing League

Manx brothers Ryan and Callum Crowe ensured a perfect finish to the 2024 Isle of Man TT by bagging a second win from two starts in the sidecar class.

They took a dominant victory in the postponed and shortened race ahead of former class master Ben Birchall and new rider Kevin Russo.

Birchall and Rosso were able to start Thursday's race despite missing the opening race due to a practice accident that required extensive repairs to their jerseys, and were able to start 14-time TT winner Ben's first race without his retired brother Tom as his passenger – but, down through experience and still… Recognizing the Frenchman, the pair were unable to match his previous pace in winning the TT.

Instead, it was the Crowes who put the pace to the front, on the verge of breaking the 120mph average speed mark on the final lap to take the win over Birchall and Rosso by a comfortable 20 seconds after just two laps of the shortened race, which was moved to first Once on Wednesday and then the red flag was raised on Thursday morning after the leader had completed only three-quarters of a lap.

Third place was also a surprise for Manx too, as veteran sidecar driver and 17-time TT winner Dave Molyneux returned to the podium for the first time since 2017, with the 60-year-old and his new rider Jake Roberts finishing in second place. A minute on Birchall and Russo.

The next race was originally scheduled to be the Supersport TT at 1530 local time, but with rain hitting the island shortly after the sidecar race finished, it has now been postponed until at least 1830.


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